By nature, I am a visual person. I gravitate toward sight, sounds, and ambiance. This also applies to food! When you bring playfulness into the equation it makes activities livelier, at least in my opinion!

I remember seeing variations on little forest animal toasts. I couldn’t help but swoon over the interpretations of creatures + fauna on edibles (be it lattes, cookies, etc) I think it’s an inventive way for encouraging creativity in the kitchen no matter your age. After all I did top mine with colorful flower crowns because it seemed proper to add an enchanting element.

Simple Kneads is a gluten free bakery where the precious artisanal loaves are baked in small batches at their dedicated gluten free facility in North Carolina. Simple Kneads was created by Tristaun LeClaire whose son developed an allergic reaction to gluten, thus driving him to craft a delicious bread that could also be enjoyed by all. This touched my heart for a similar reason: when I found out I could no longer consume wheat or gluten, you do notice how many edibles are cut out and you truly do miss it, both the taste and the experience.

However, the shining light is that young companies like Simple Kneads are resolving the problem when it comes to artisanal gluten free breads. Adding to the craftsmanship on this bread is the fact that they are cultured. This fermentation gives Simple Kneads breads a more authentic taste and flavor that make the loaves enjoyable, and my favorite part is that Simple Kneads breads can be purchased without packaging (good bye plastic).

There’s a certain art form to create a quality tasting loaf of bread that is sans wheat. Some gluten-free breads have additives or processed. The company is driven to create baked goods that are good for you and Simple Kneads loaves are vegan, made with ingredients that are whole-foods based (quinoa, psylium husk, flax, sesame seeds to name a few). The loaves come pre sliced which is a blessing if you ask me, however they are toast sliced so take that into account when it comes to recipes, but they are ideal for toasts like the one in these forest toasts.

I used Simple Kneads Pumpernickel Bread for these critter toasts. It’s a slightly thicker bread that holds up well for the toppings on these toasts (also a great replacement for rye breads!) This bread is heartier, cultured but definitely has the slight tang and flavor that is balanced out by nut butters and sweetness of the fruits I picked.

What you’ll need:

Nut butter of choice

Frozen blueberries

Sliced Bananas

Sliced strawberries

Chocolate chips

*Optional Edible Flowers


Bear Toast


Spread almond butter (or nut butter of choice) on the whole bread

Add sliced bananas for ears and nose

Add two blueberries for eyes

Top the banana nose with a chocolate chip


Foxy Toast


Spread almond butter into an upside down triangles at the top of the toast

Add two sliced strawberries for ears

Add two sliced bananas for eyes

Add two blueberries for eyes

Cut a banana into a small rectangle and top with a chocolate chip for the nose


I topped mine with edible flowers for a flower crown effect because, why not! Enjoy and tag me at @awildflowerspirit if you happen to make it yourself!



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