At the beginning of the year (roughly so) I select a word that will serve me through the year, standing for something I wish to invite and guide me. This year that word is rooted. It serves a purpose on a physical and metaphorical level.

I am truly motivated and enamored by passion. Feeling the spark, the fire of desire. However, it requires balance. It requires honing in with your voice and aligning with what makes you feel passionate, what lights up your spirit.

Rooted: 1. cause (a plant or cutting) to grow roots.

  1. establish deeply and firmly.

Essentially, the reason I felt drawn to the word ‘rooted’ was because last year year had led to me acknowledge how full my life was becoming: family, a plentiful work sphere, new responsibilities, goals, dreams, friendships. There were so many gatherings, get-togethers, beautiful experiences, and travel that happened. Of course you can’t prepare for everything but I’m someone who thinks/plans/visualizes ahead but – you end up missing out on the moments. I have come to realize the more present you are in your own life, (silencing technology or scurrying thoughts) the more elated I am left: falling asleep on his shoulder on the drive home, having a conversation with a friend you haven’t seen in a while & discovering synchronicities, going for a walk in the park and noticing the changes of the seasons imprinted in the leaves and trees. Quality over quantity.

I want to be encourage myself to be more grounded, more engaged, more mindful. Considering my choices before they become actions, considering my words before they become speech. To be rooted can have different sentiments for everyone but perhaps for me it represents a sense of mellowness. This hearkens the rites of healing, nurturing, peace, and calm spirit. By attuning in with yourself and harboring what you value the most. If last year allowed me to dip my palms into the fountain of creativity, this year I would like to wade in deeper.

Considering the botany of root, we think of the tendril like branching that weave out to bloom into a unique form of beauty. Roots require care and nurturing. What is meant to bloom will occur on it’s own terms. I can reflect this by encouraging myself to consume more wholefully: plants, thoughtfully, experiences.

I think of one of my favorite scenes from Amelie, where the protagonist helps the blind man navigate the streets of Montmartre by verbally describing what he cannot see. This metaphor is similar to what I wish to funnel with this blog and in my own life: shining a light on the beauty in this world, the possibility, the simple pleasures of our lives.


Growth does not mean you lose your spirit. I will never abandon my wildflower spirit, my joie de vivre, in fact I choose to cultivate it. My own outlook was not always rosy and I have definitely faced my own personal struggles. But those dark moments led me here: to create, to run with the wild things.





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