Lately I have been jamming to Against the Current, Camila Cabello, and Bat for Lashes through this winter weather. It finally did rain and I danced in puddles a little too much. I am seeking warmth in oil burners, lavender, and lit candles. It’s nice to have a shift in décor to remind you of wildflowers, honey sweet birdsong, and warmth on your skin. While I am truly enjoying the cold air and winter sun, a growing part of me is looking forward to springtime.

Still I have been making moon-milks (Moon Juice protein powder + raw cacao) and crocheting until the dawn (oops) I am making the most of winter. With a new year, I think of bloom, growth, and new beginnings. This January has been a mix of gatherings, rekindling friendships, and honestly – after long work days, ll you want is a bit of a rejuvenation (especially in the home!) I partnered up with Photowall to decorate my space and here’s the reveal of my reading nook + bed.


It’s almost February but Spring is coming so I wanted to introduce more hues into my room. I always want my room to feel like a dreamy oasis so I selected pinks, mauves, greys, and creams/white and craving/searching for some dusty rose pieces I think of lucid dreaming and inspiration from old 80’s films like Legend, Willow, and The Last Unicorn. As I selected some new pieces to align my dreaming + creating area, I had the pleasure to collaborate on this post with Photowall and I selected the dreamy botanical canvas piece called “Endless Summer” – you can customize, reshape, and select your preferred image to your liking! It was really easy and so beautiful to touch and hold in person



Photowall is a European company specializing in wall & canvas décor.  What drew me the most was their environmental efforts. Art pieces are made to order, so there isn’t a warehouse that’s housing backed up or held in stock. Their printing ink contain no solvents or harsh chemicals, and is biodegradable. Any waste material that the company does produce is properly recycled. Photowall also supports Swedish environmental organization Vi Agroforestry. Each year the company plants 5,000 trees in the area around Lake Victoria, eastern Africa.


I admire the effort that Photowall takes as a company to promote the awareness of climate change and product quality. Especially with the recent natural disasters that have been affecting so many states, ultimately choosing to be a conscious consumer counts. By supporting companies willing and engaging to reduce their waste and promote wildlife it really does make a difference.   You can read an in-depth section of Photowall’s commitment to eco-standards right here!

Photowall canvases are canvas is 100% cotton (score!) and is completely biodegradable. Their stretchers are made from wood and metal – no plastic here y’all!  Whether you want a beautiful mural, or carefully curated pieces of art to decorate your home – there is a endless variety and range of categories to choose from – or simply upload your own photo or illustration!






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