For some, February is the themed month of love, romance, and the palette of rosy tones.

Real talk though: I think we could all use some self love. Whether it’s stress caused by our daily environment (work, school, etc.) or personal lives, (the ever-changing nature of news cycles), or simply the own expectations and ambitions we set on ourselves, sometimes you genuinely need a break. Which means putting yourself first. Which means stepping back to emotional check in with your self – mind, body, & soul.

Turthfully: bad days happen, obstacles happen, circumstances happen. Heartache happens. No matter how much we may try to prevent it, we’ll have those days or periods in our lives that will challenge us.  I’ve humbly surrendered to giving myself space to feel my emotions. Instead of holding on or telling myself that nothing hurts me (lie) – I will find the time to let it go and release.

Self love is a practice. It’s not over night, it’s a journey. It’s a process. Here are some tips to help you discover what works best for you. Come up with your own, write them down, practice, repeat – just remember to be honest with yourself.

Self Love Tips //

i. Write yourself daily love notes and speak them out loud. These can be affirmations, mantra, goals you have for that day – curate it for yourself

ii. Decide what is & isn’t working for you. Whether it’s habits or other aspects (yes people included) that are not contributing to your wellbeing you can begin to take steps to cultivating changes that will work for you.

iii. Celebrate accomplishments and acknowledge setbacks. Sometimes we feel the tendency to run from outside confrontation or conflict, which is understandable but this only hides or represses pain and creates conflict within ourselves. Sometimes we just need to forgive ourselves.

iv. Be mindful of what you think, speak, and do. Develop that communication with yourself and listen. If you’re an overthinker like me, I find that meditation helps stop the noise and aids in becoming more conscious in the moment

v. Appreciate time with yourself. If you find yourself alone at the end of the day or a certain weekend, don’t jump to conclusions thinking you must be “doing something.” Take the day/night to really plan out what brings you joy, what is your passion? Act on it. Examples: farmers market Sundays, foreign film Fridays, park day with the pooch.

vi. Seek your own approval first. Recognize that to love yourself is to think highly of yourself, or working toward it. How often do we consider others approval or permission before asking ourselves: “am I okay with this?”

vii. On days or moments that you do over-the-moon happy + blissed out, take note of how/why/what led to this? Devoting a journal to these moments would even be a good idea. Personally I have about 3 journals and one is dedicating to feels. Good feels, hopeful feels, epiphany feels – I find they serve as a reminder that joy is possible.

viii. Practice self-care: clean that home, treat yourself to a bouquet, (I love the chamomile & daisy ones), drink those 8 glasses of water (after indulging in cappuccinos on end), go for walks and leave your phone on airplane mode.

ix. Set boundaries. This one is tricky and we don’t always realize how essential it is. Often those with the biggest hearts use their time and efforts on others but put themselves last. Or we continuously find ourselves in situations when we are giving more than receiving, or (see how much there is!) we find ourselves wanting to please others

x. Give yourself time. Especially if you’re going through a difficult phase (heartbreak, loss, health concerns). Its not going to be easy to love yourself wholly after something cathartic happens and that’s okay. Take the time to collect the pieces, or perhaps start anew on a blank canvas. Whichever way you go, remember that your action should lead you back to your center & yourself.


In partnership with Numi Organics I created a little tea latte recipe from their new Holistic Teasans line. Give the route of self-love and I thought the Embrace blend would be ideal. Numi calls this blend heart warming and encourages us to be gentle with ourselves and extend love inward as well as outward.  Embrace contains lovely floral organic hibiscus, lavender, chamomile, limeflower rose, cinnamon, and damiana. These make for a brightly sweet and tangy tea but in latte form it mellows out. I love that the Holistic Teasan blends contain all the ingredients that you don’t need to add much, it saves up time and effort.


Each of the Holistic Teasan blends contain a small guided intention you can use for meditation or as a mantra. I will share a portion from Embrace’s guided practice:

Imagine a warm healing light washing over you. Feel safe and supported in this light as you start to open to give and receive love and all that your heart desires. The universe is abundant and ready to give as you embrace the possibilities.

SELF-LOVE LATTE. Serves two~

What you’ll need:

  • 2 teabags of Numi Organics Embrace tea
  • a cup of frothed mylk or creamer*

Optional: ½ tablespoon of maple syrup, edible flowers to decorate

Steep two tea bags of Embrace tea for 10+ minutes in near boiling water

Add a cup of the frothed homemade mylk or non dairy creamer see notes

I topped mine with edible flowers

**This latte tastes best with a homemade non dairy mylk for a richer consistency. Coconut milk (from the can) will work too! If you wish to use mylks you can get from the market that’s also fine, best choices are soy, coconut, or hemp. Taste delicious iced too!!





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