I could write a love song about this subscription box. I’m drawn to three things that seal the deal for me when it comes to making a purchase: aesthetic, quality, and sustainability. Goddess Provisions covers all these bases. Each month, their purpled hued box comes to your doorstep, boxes have their own theme and February’s revolved around “Faerie.” I loved that February was themed around something magical and curative. As you will see in the featured products below, each product really correlates to self love. It’s not about looking your best but feeling your best by rejuvenating (think baths, medicinal mushrooms, and flower water)

Each box will contain 5-7 products that are full sized (which is ideal for me because I don’t like the idea of trial sized products that can accumulate and leave waste). All of the products are vegan, cruelty free, and free shipping (worldwide as well).

Besides the beautiful selections of products is how they are curated by a corresponding theme. There’s intention behind each box to give you a thought process – Goddess Provision has some features on their blog to give you ideas on how to use the products as well as how to integrate the theme into your life. Personally for me, Goddess Provision is the subscription version of that wild-spirited magical soul sister that will encourage growth, self-care, and productivity. Their message is to uplift you and check in with yourself.

Heres what was in the February box//

Cottage Wicks candle – Yes that is turquenite & rose buds dipped in the candle. Yes it smells magical fitting within the theme of this box. This candle features strawberry quartz, lavender oil & The steel tin makes it perfect for reusing after.

Superfeast mushroom blend – a blend of 8 medicinal mushrooms powder (chaga, reishi, lion’s mane…) that is perfect for adding to lattes, smoothies, and even oatmeal. All vegan & wildcrafted

Lisa Junius faerie pin – I had not seen Lisa’s art prior to seeing + falling in love with this faerie pin. Her artwork evokes a 1920’s magical realism aesthetic and this pin was solely made for Goddess Provisions.

Pacifica Beauty Liquid Highlighter – This highlighter is formulated without animal ingredients, phthalates, silicone, mineral oil and petroleum. I love using it around my brow bone and even the inner corners of my eyes. Its subtle but really stunning!

Element Botanicals Bath Salts – this company prides themselves on wildcrafted + ethically sourced ingredients. This is their bath salt blend for Goddess Provisions and absolutely enchanting after a long day of work, workouts, or pre Netflix and chill-with-yourself

Biolumenessence Forest Faerie flower essence – I loved this one so much because it’s literal imbibing flowers!

Rose quartz – for healing, for beauty, for self love and recognition that you can withstand storms in order to bloom.

My thoughts: Get this box for yourself. For your IRL soul sister(s), your momma, anyone you think can use some positivity in their life or reconnect with themselves. Visit Goddess provisions to subscribe Also checkout Goddess Provisions Instagram for inspiration and sneak tips on upcoming box themes!


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