As February is self-love month, I figured we could address of aspect of self-care that I am getting better at managing. Skincare has become a priority in recent months. As I work on protecting my skin in my 20s, it’ definitely a work in progress. I try to be conscious of external factors that could be affecting my skin (think: weather, what you consume, and stress), I try to approach it with a steady mind and I completely accept there are days you skin wants a break!


I’ve focused the root of skincare to be: health, quality products for my morning + night routine, and supporting sustainable companies. I’m introducing a favorite botanical based skincare line of mine: OSEA is a luxury skincare line based out of Malibu, California. Their name reflects the company’s roots in a city by the sea, as well as curating their products with seaweeds that are responsibly sourced from the Sea of Patagonia.  Their focus on algae has to do with the abundance of goodness found within: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. To top it off, their line of skincare is vegan, gluten-free, and certified organic!

Here is my guide to a skincare morning + night routine. All of these featured products from OSEA are perfect for sensitive, dry, and mature skin. I have sensitive skin with a tendency to go combo so I also use rosewater to thin out a cream or serum if the weather happens to be more on the warm or humid side. I consider these investment skincare pieces and truly wonderful to start my day with potent botanical products and then an unwinding nighttime routine (complete with meditation music!) and just taking care of my skin + self.



OSEA Brightening Serum is a potent tool to help brighten the complexion and protect your skin from acne, dark spots, and pigmentation. Containing algae, Matsutake mushroom, Bearberry, and a plethora of botanical ingredients to target and tone your skin. This is a game change product for me. I don’t have too much pigmentation but it’s effective for hydrating my skin and reducing dullness. I mix it with a little bit of rosewater for the best application.


OSEA Advanced Protection Cream Yes this cream is 98$, however it’s an investment moisturizer piece that I love. It’s so lush and hydrating. A little goes a long way and I like to use it in the morning after cleansing and before applying makeup!


Now the good stuff! This cream contains DPHP (Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline) which is an amino acid that encourages collagen production with use over time (study) The cream also contains skin soothing ingredients like chamomile, aloe, and calendula as well as algae being the primary ingredient. I love that this moisturizer (like the serum!) helps even out my skin tone and keeps my skin protected through the day.


OSEA Hyaluronic Sea Serum Maybe this is the year of the serums, I don’t know but I do love the positive change I see on my skin when I consistently use them. I love this serum for my skin, neck, and décolleté (as recommended by OSEA) for the nighttime especially after my shower, as this serum is restore moisture to your skin.

This serum contains various algae such as Gigartina Skottsbergii Extract) and Undaria Pinnatifida Extract, Hyaluronic Acid. Because of the Hyaluronic Acid, you only need a little serum to give you the moisture surge for your skin!

OSEA is one of my beloved companies and all their products are concentrated which will pay off + last long. The purity of the ingredients represents OSEA’s mission to keep sustainability at it’s core. It’s not just about using high quality products, but also where you’ve sourced them, how you package your goods, and how you give back.


While these products will help you attain #skincaregoals it’s also a good rule of thumb to integrate healthy habits. Here are a few:

  • Moisturize: With water rich foods, think zucchinis, cucumber, and celery Add them to smoothies or soups!
  • Regenerate: With sleep. I am terrible at this and its certainly something I’m focusing on improving but the fact is, sleep does wonders for your body + mind.
  • Reduce stress: Stress puts your body through a lot. It then has to cope and compensate. My advice is to work on reducing stress. I’ve been meditating with phones on my app and reading some poetry books when I feel out of alignment. Journaling helps too!



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