Lately I have been revisiting the genre of poetry. While I wasn’t always drawn to poetry books, I would often write my own & held a few verses close to my heart. The captured meaning held between short verses, the ability to convey so much emotion in the web of words always moved me.

February has been a month of transition. There’s been heartbreak, there’s been growth, buds that have been blossoming, and changes afoot. Unsteady seas have made me stronger. However, it would not have been possible without the love and presence of friends. I’ve allowed myself to go through the feels, whether it was crying my heart out at 2 in the morning or journaling brief prose.

Reading was another important factor for me this month. I completely succumbed to purchasing some beautiful poetry books by wonderful writers who poured their heart, mind, and souls into their books and they all served as reminders for me to remember a) who I am b) who I want to be and c) what I wish to radiate.

I am sharing my self-love poetry book list for anyone needing these same reminders. For those who want to cultivate a loving relationship with themselves. Some of these books hit hard to home, some cut at your heartstrings but something beautiful is possible from pain. You can grow from it, heal from it, learn from it.

Rupi Kaur // Milk & Honey – covering various raw topics like heartbreak, trauma, abuse, pain, and longing. Rupi’s verses are very succinct. They are like secrets told straight out, which is considered taboo and perhaps her honesty is what makes Rupi so provoking. Sometimes we tap our own emotions/fears/doubts deeply within us that to read them to ourselves is akin to facing them and possibly validating them.


The Sun & Her Flowers – Rupi’s follow-up book covers the myriad of a woman’s experience. Exploring her own vulnerability and themes of immigration, the stages of a flower: wilting; falling; rooting; rising; blooming, and healing.


Nikita Gill // Your Soul Is A River – Nikita is perhaps of my favorite poets because her writings, though poems, end up sounding like miniature short stories. Delving into science, myth, lore, and of her own experiences – this book reminds you to face your own strength. Nikita is that soul sister reminding you that you are made of matter, you are worthy, your experiences and your journey are for you to take charge over.


Wild Embers is her second book. Here’s the description that’s so beautifully written: “Wild Embers explores the fire that lies within every soul, weaving words around ideas of feeling at home in your own skin, allowing yourself to heal, and learning to embrace your uniqueness with love from the universe.


Featuring rewritten fairytale heroines, goddess wisdom, and poetry that burns with revolution, this collection is an explosion of femininity, empowerment, and personal growth.”

Orion Carloto // Flux – Personally I LOVE Orion. From her films to her written pieces, I’d always admired her creative soul and raw honesty. Flux is an extension of that. This book is not for the faint at heart. It exposes the bitter ache of heartbreak, of lost love but also the love you still carry. At first I couldn’t read this book because it was too visceral – but when I allowed myself to feel, I came out with a cathartic experience. Orion wants you to feel in order to begin again. To cry all your tears and angst and turn it into something new.


April Green // Bloom For Yourself – This poetry book is the older sister you may you had, the one who will uplift you to grow, who will drive you late at night for soft serve ice cream and hear your secrets in the dark, the one who offers lessons on healing, self love, and positivity. I love this book so much because it aims to to connect you with own self. The parts that you may think you’ve lost but really they have been inside you this whole time.

I hope you’ll one, if not all, of these books will find their way into your palms. These books have become little pick-me-ups or verses of wisdom that I need to remember. Sometimes we need those voices or pearls of thought to guide us. While it’s wonderful to have them from our friends and family, that isn’t always the case. To heal is go through the woods regardless of how lost we may feel. To come out is to recognize the strength you’re capable of.





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