Hello March, you’re already here. I’m mind blown by how quickly the year seems to be going! Am I the only one? We’ve had deliciously cold weather that’s led to warm sweaters during the day & the thickest blankets at night to decompress. I’ve still be making warm ‘shroom milks (medicinal mushrooms!) with rooting herbs & spices. I’ve been spending my Fridays in LA and am thinking about compiling a small guide of places I love to visit while I’m there.

We had some glorious rain (last for a while day and I enjoyed every bit) and I have been reminding myself of the word I picked for this year: rooted. Warming, grounding, earthy elements. From experimenting with tonics & soups to getting some more plants, mindful meditation…it’s all good.

So! New month, new intentions. While February was partially really hard (heartbreak) it was also full of growth and new opportunities. From beautiful and kind friends to a productive work cycle, and working on getting more organized. I can’t say I’ve completely healed but I have moved on and really tuned into new goals and working on myself. My mind is like a 24 hour reality show and I have so much I want to accomplish yet so many films I want to curl with with, along my puppy and a warm blanket. It’s still winter after all.  March’s theme will be Mindfulness. It’ll be about being conscious with your self, your body, and mind. It’ll be about appreciating yourself and using that mindfulness to go out and nurture and hustle. Without further ado here are my March Goals/Dreams.

  1. Definitely something I want to do more of this year. Whether it’s on my own or with friends. California has so much to offer and each day is a possibility for an adventure. I have definitely been reminding myself that everyday. You are the painter and your life is the palette, choose what you wish to create. Be kind always.
  2. Feel it out. Even when it hurts. Even when you’re mind-blowingly happy. You’re allowed to feel. You’re allowed to have emotions. You’re allowed to be you. Don’t let anyone steal your sparkle.
  3. Let go. I have always been the person who can worry herself to sleeplessness. Thinking of scenarios and theories that serve no purpose. In my case, I was focusing way too much on the negative or the things I had no control over, instead of what I did have right in front of me. I realize how selfish of me it was to just live in the clouds while I have so much to enjoy. Let go and focus on the present and your presents.
  4. Tell someone you love them. Doesn’t matter if they are your friend, your mom, your dog/cat. Tell them. Remind them of how amazing they are and that they are capable of anything with the right hustle + energy. Be the love you want.
  5. I have been enjoying walks lately, sometimes 30 minutes or under. I take this time, sans phone, to focus on my breath and consciously breathe. In & out, mindless of any issues or thoughts. Also focusing on my posture while I do this. It’s euphoric and feels wonderful. Same works during a warm night bath with candles in the dark.



I’d like to think dreams should become goals. When you want something, work for it. Pursue it & channel it. This month’s focus will be more conscious and mindful. Reminders of rooting yourself and being attuned with your wants and desires. It is possible to nurture yourself and build strength, & that’s definitely what I’ll be doing and sharing this month!





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