Coinciding with this month’s theme is the Goddess Provision March Box on Wellness. This is perhaps the ideal curated subscription service that covers all the bases: cruelty free, minimally packaged, and each product is thoughtfully selected to serve a purpose (read: not a filler item). It’s my joy & excitement each month to unveil the selected theme and really apply what the Goddess Provisions team has set up for us in the particular month.

Real Talk: for me, wellness means personal wellness. It means identifying what works best for your body &. mind in order for you to find a happy medium of health and joy. I say medium because I don’t really believe balance is completely attainable. We’re all human, we have our good days, our bad days, our days when we just want to step back and relax, our days when we have a lust for life and fun. In my opinion: it’s about addressing yourself first and making necessary steps to continually learn about yourself.

The products in this month’s batch are:

@iamsahararose’s Idiots Guide to Ayurveda – I have really been vibing with the idea of doshas lately (I repeatedly get Vata/air) and find a it very fulfilling to address your body’s state of being: I’m often cold, hyper, need to focus, and prone to restlessness.  This book by Sahara Rose covers the Ayurvedic principles of doshas and tuning into what your may body need to thrive by offering advice, tips, and fundamentals. I love this book + Sahara.  But really anytime I get a book, I’m on cloud 9 y’all.

@drinkcoppercup Turmeric Latte blend – I love matcha but lately I have been sipping on a lot of turmeric mylks to warm my bones. If you have never tried turmeric in a latte or mylk, I totally recommend it, this blend comes lightly sweetened and if you go on the Copper Cup website, there’s a sweet little guide on what ratios to sue for lattes, milks, or cappuccinos! Truthfully I get so excited when it comes to anything plant based and this coincided nicely with my own dosha, Vata people do best with rooted, grounding spices so this fit the bill nicely.

@paavaniayurveda Tridoshic Spritzer – I love spritzers, lavender, and anything with cedar so this blend is a combo of all three. Meant to harmonize with all of the three doshas, this blend is organic, therapeutic grade, small batch made. I’ve ben spritzing my shower before my night swims, my bed before I dream, and in the morning when I’m in a rush (hi Vata)

@goneshincense Sandalwood Incense Cones – I haven’t used incense in awhile and wouldn’t be to excited at the thought of incense stick ashes being a bit of a cleanup, however these Gonesh Incense cones are easier on the ash and delightful to the senses. Sandalwood is so grounding and warming


Copper Tongue Scraper – I was way more excited for this than I should have been! Tongue scraped have been having a bit of a moment, but I didn’t cave in to purchase one myself – well Goddess Provision has got us covered because this March box (still up for purchase!) contains a copper (dreamy) tongue scraper to add to my zero waste dental routine. Sure it may sound strange but here’s a rundown from the GP blog on “what exactly are tongue scrapers” and why it’s worth it


@balancedguru Nourished Scalp Treatment – addressing the state of your scalp/the roots (seeing a theme here…) is another concept that I had always wanted to do but never made the time. This oil is full of good for your hair-care-ingredients like Aloe Leaf Juice, Sweet Orange), Arnica, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo Biloba, Lavender, and Nettle Root to name a few. All organic and meant to soothe and strengthen your hair from the source makes this a product I’m excited to try out!


@ahimsaessentials Zen Oil Blend – Essential oils are wonderful especially for unwinding. I have an oil burner, a wax burner, and sometimes I’ll just add some essential oils to a quartz crystal and keep it nearby. Zen is a blend of  lavender, peppermint, and bergamot which is great for relaxing, meditation, or setting a peaceful mood. ahimsa Essentials is committed to providing organic , sustainable, cruelty-free and 100% plant-based products. Double win.


Red-Orange Carnelian


This box is filled with so many Ayurvedic, vegan goodies and good vibes. The gals behind Goddess Provision are truly full of energy and light to create this boxes with intention and inspiration. This box is particular felt truly healing which I have been craving these past few weeks. While not everyone can find the time to have a moment to themselves and simply be, I hope you’ll subscribe to Goddess Provisions and find a way to create that nurturing space for yourself and work your own light. Take a half hour break to brew a magical, warm steeping cup of turmeric mylk, sprit some sandalwood around your body while jamming to Stevie nicks, or burn some essential oils to meditate and induce calm Remember: you are your own goddess.


Follow Goddess Provisions on their Website / Instagram if you do end up subscribing let them know I sent you by tagging me on intagram at @awildflowerspirit



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