If it means anything, I have definitely been following my April Intentions & Goals this month. April has definitely been the burst of energy that I have been craving, maybe its because I’m slightly over winter (curiously says I, wistfully grazing at my dresses hanging in the closet). It’s going by with wanderlust and the desire to let sunshine dance on our skin, and yes even wearing flowers in your hair

While I have been experiencing all this wildflower spirit, if you read this month’s intentions, there is an emphasis on setting boundaries. I’ve definitely been experiencing a period of transition this year and the need to reassess myself as an individual has been a lingering concept I have wanted to explore. This meant a lot of detaching from technology, it meant throwing a bit of caution to the wind and having more experiences. It meant being okay with myself as a person and my own expression.

If anything it’s possible that winter fading away is the end I needed. For a moment its pertinent for us to experience change no matter how cold it gets. Transition is inevitable and never quite what we may have expected or foreseen. With that lies the importance of friendships and building a tribe of individuals who have your back or will simply be there at moments we need others to cope and heal.

I believe we are ultimately artists; we are our own canvas which by extension is our life. Our experiences prosper our growth, our journey, and our selves. I don’t mean we have to curate our lives to fit an idea (think social media grids and timelines), but rather it’s to follow what gives life to your passion. Plan those dates, save up for that mini staycation, change what you genuinely feel will bring you joy. We may not always get what we want, and that’s simply a part of life, but it’s possible to paint color in your world and reach destinations you didn’t think were possible.

I’ll be traveling this weekend and then planning out a theme for the rest of the months coming up. XOXO!


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