Stress. It gets the best of me us. Whether it’s work related, something financial (hello tax-season), mercury in retrograde, or something unexpected – stress is just a pain. There are times I let stress get to me, from there it affects my day and then it creates a wave of anxiety and throws me off balance. Sometimes the anxiety simply comes out of nowhere and creates a whole other jam.


Real talk: I do deal with anxiety and have had panic attacks. It was a lot more frequent a few years ago and I truly credit being more in tune with mindfulness and health as a means to understand and curb my anxiety. If I ever feel a lack of control or like my mind is racing I reflect back to these thing choices:

  • A brief meditation – closing my eyes and taking deep breaths for several minutes, sometimes using affirmations, relaxing my muscles.
  • Having a small but trust circle of friends that I can text or call to just get it out, and then have their perspective or presence. This is still relatively new for me but I am SO grateful for my friends, and my pup.
  • Accepting my feelings – this typically happens after steps 1 & 2 – this one takes a lot of self-mastery because it demands a bit of surrendering. It’s very vulnerable to accept that you don’t have control over a situation or outcome, but facing the emotion and addressing the thought process is kind of like having a therapy session with yourself. Sounds simple, but it’s not, but it’s a method to self-care.

Here is some more information on the difference between anxiety & panic atttacks, if you experience any form of anxiety or panic attacks – you can always always get support – here’s a general self guide and list for therapies that can address & help panic attacks & another for how to help someone going through it


I am not ashamed that I have dealt with anxiety & panic attacks in the past and present. For me, it runs in my family but it does not make me weak or flawed. When I was studying for my Bachelors in Psychology – learning about mindfulness in my Cognitive Behavioral Therapy capstone (and having impromptu meditation sessions during class!) was the great turning point, I was able to witness how it was possibly to address one’s response & reaction to stress & anxiety through therapeutic techniques. It was beneficial for my own knowledge and built skills for my own life.


Another part of my daily & nightly routine, which also keeps me accountable for making or having some plant-milk on hand, is a delicious frothy cup of Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix / Chill With Reishi. I’m convinced nothing beats a warm cup of hot chocolate and this one is organic, vegan, and paleo but full of delicious shrooms (yep I said it). I also love that this blend contains Peruvian (shout out to my mother’s birth country!) cacao and reishi itself has been conducted in various (granted not all human based) studies for it’s potential health benefits in different areas. Four Sigmatic harvests linden log-grown red reishi mushroom/(ganoderma lucidum) for this blend. The only other ingredients? Coconut sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, & stevia. This makes for a very grounding and filling mug of warmth.


I have gotten so fixated on having this Mushroom Cacao roughly 1-2 hours before I go to sleep. It tastes heavenly and I’d like to attribute the ritual of sipping a cup allows my racing mind to stop, focus on the moment, and savor each drop. In the end it leaves me feeling relaxed and soothed. Sweet dreams indeed.


Here’s how I make it:


8 ounces or your favorite mug of plant milk

a pouch of Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix / Chill With Reishi.

A tablespoon or so of Grade B Maple Syrup

A tablespoon of coconut cream powder

Optional* a ½ tablespoon of Moon Juice’s adaptogen protein powder


Don’t even feel like you are a stigma. We are all human and each one of us carries the weight of our world. There are options and techniques to address anything you are experiencing. It is not one size fits all and I firmly believe everyone has the right and freedom to follow any protocol they feel is essential and necessary for their mental well being.


As always I am linking some science based studies on the effect of reshi & health:  reishi & reducing fatigue in cancer patients, acknowledgement on reishi and it’s positive health effects but a need for more human studies, reishi studies on promoting sleep / not a human study*


Thank you to Four Sigmatic for c/o this post!



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  1. Ugh, dude I love this. I have suffered from anxiety (combined with adhd) and panic attacks for a while and am always looking for new things to introduce into my routine to 1. stop internally attacking myself and 2. CHILL. Another thing added into the ‘accepting of the feelings’ is consideration of boundaries and enforcing your own. Keep on’ keepin’ on grlfrnd.

  2. This sounds refreshing a special cup of hot chocolate. My go to is a cup of hot tea with lemon juice. I love hot chocolate too but only when its cold out side, it warms me up to much( lol). Thank you for sharing.

  3. Totally making this! Love this hot cocoa and have all the ingredients 🙂 It’s my fav to drink before bedtime.


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