I am a devout addict of plants. Give me some cacti, succulent, the inexpensive wildflower bouquets from Trader Joes or the farmer’s market, the deepest red roses. Truly anything that falls under the realm of botany is welcomed in my vicinity. I am a devout plant lady through & through.

Between bopping to Kacey Musgraves, Scarlett Johansson & Pete Yorn, and Drakes new tracks (have y’all listened to Nice For What? All these women are masterpieces) and enjoying my weekends out and creating adventures. I recently came back from a post birthday trip to Monterey & Carmel and cant wait to share that visit! Also, I’ve been indulging in a lot of veggie pizza and spending time singing out loud when the moment hits and smiling at strangers in hopes I can spark some light in someone’s day.

But then there’s always down time, and while I find joy in having experiences, I can’t deny the plant lady in me always wishing for more. Nothing makes me happier than seeing plants in my environment. I’ve been taking daily dusk walks when the sky makes all the trees look like autumn melded with spring. Pinks and oranges fill the space and for a moment I’m transfixed into a forest.

Theres also my cozy little room. I have several plant babies that vary in sizes and I’m always looking to add more whenever I can. All I want is to turn my room into an urban jungle. Enter Brooklyn’s own The Sill.

The Sill’s slogan is “Plants Make People Happy” and any scroll their shop or social media pages will definitely show you that they mean business when it comes to plant-joy. The independent store is run by plant savants that want to spark a green thumb revolution. Except you don’t have to be an expert on plants because they ship out the beautiful potted plants (I highly recommend getting them with their pots!) and from there all you have to do is follow the care instructions and enjoy – and here’s a helpful guide from their website on how to properly care for plants ! If only they opened shop in Los Angeles, but a girl can dream right?

The Sill was kind enough to send out a beautiful Philodendron Green plant in the August pot which is so beautiful! It came properly packaged and safely so – no cracked or spilling from the plant and recyclable packaging. Now more about this plant – its perfect for me because it requires minimal lighting, indirect sunlight, and only some water about 1-2 weeks (recommended water when the soil is dry) it’s been about 2 months with this beauty and it’s still alive and thriving! The planter comes in a beautiful blush which is more pinky-peach but still an aesthetic addition to any urban jungle.

The Sill harbors absolutely beautiful plants with a variety of choices no matter where you live. Bright light? Low light? Low Maintenance? It’s all covered under the spectrum. Personally I need low light plants because I don’t get much sunlight which limits what I can keep for live-decor. Don’t let that stop you though because there are plenty of beautiful plants that can thrive without sunlight! In fact, I just ordered some more plant goodies and accessories from The Sill – so keep an eye out for that haul!


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