This is completely belated but, never late than never right? May has been a really busy month: work wise and creatively. I’ve definitely taken the time this month to have more experiences and gatherings. A few of my loved ones had birthdays this month. I think I spent more time venturing out and speaking my truth instead of sitting idly when there’s something I want.


I’ve realized that there’s a difference between being in observation (or present) versus in thinking mode which can have your thoughts jumping to conclusions or focused too much on the past or future, things in which we have no control. This month I emphasized my thoughts on what I wanted in that moment. This led me to sleep earlier and therefore I have been waking up earlier.

In May I also found that I used technology less. I hardly used my laptop whereas before I would stay up past midnight and become easily distracted and sleep later than necessary. I was less caught up on what was going on in the digital world and more enticed by what was going on in my own life (and getting more sleep). However, I did get to finish the ‘To All The Boys I Loved Before’series by Jenny Han so I will be looking forward watching it when the TV series drops on Netflix this summer. I have bought a plethora of books this month (oops?) including ‘Emergency Contact and Tales From A Forager’s Kitchen which I am excited to try & recreate a few of the recipes to make them plant-based.

The one pitfall I encountered this month was that I did not use my planner and I do regret it, however not using it made me realize that for me personally, it’s a valuable to track certain actions like lunch prep, dates, and goals.

Now that it’s almost June, I’ll be taking into consideration what I have learned this month and what could be fine tuned as well. For all that happened in this month, I am grateful to be able to reflect on what I want to pursue. I try* to remind myself that each day has a possibility and whether thats a fleeting moment in time or a longer arrangement, we can decide there what is best for us by checking in and being mindful ourselves.




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