Finally, it’s June and so we reluctantly welcome the rising temperatures but being to surround ourselves with plans and lots of iced lattes to keep us going. There’s always a beauty in every season and summer is no different. I got some new plants from The Sill including a Peperomia Ripple Ruby as well as a Calathea Fusion White beauty.


When I think of summer the concepts that come to mind are carefree days, firefly filled nights, winding down but also filling in as many plans as one can. There’s definitely wanderlust brewing and car rides with the windows down and the music flowing.


When I thought about this month’s intentions, I really wanted to reflect off the last month and see what was perhaps missing, or, what I learned. Checking in with myself was definitely on this month’s schedule. Asking yourself if this choice/action/plan/etc. is what you really want, and then addressing any adjustments from there on. Sometimes we get the feeling we have to rush our decisions or even adapt ourselves for others’. This can lead us to feeling trapped or not being in tune to who we genuinely are or what we truly want. Sometimes it requires us to advocate for ourselves and be open with others about what we want (going back to setting boundaries). Advocating for ourselves really means we prioritize what we want and we don’t limit ourselves to what others expect. This month I really hope to recognize that my worth is valid and I only have control over my own actions and choices and not anyone else

With that being said, welcome JUNE! I hope your June will be filled with adventures that are what works best for YOU, whether it’s a cozy night in with books and iced lattes or bonfire filled, starlight sky roasting (vegan) marshmallows.



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