Last year I created a mermaid bowl that looks almost too pretty to eat but it’s actually filled with protein and flowers because, like I said before, anytime I can add some flowers I will. Because it’s a few ingredients, it’s incredibly simple to make in the morning or even iced.


But this time we have another blue creation that derives the blue hue from a protein powder – in this  case it’s Moon Juice Blue Beauty Protein Powder(Brown Rice Protein based and features Chia Seed Powder, Tocotrienols, Blue Spirulina Extract, Ashwagandha Root  & Amla Berry Extract). Spirulina always makes a bright addition to any mood with the cerulean hues. I love the Moon Juice protein powders because they make the drink super creamy (thanks to the tocos) as well as containing 24 grams of protein / 4% of iron which is a nice addition.

This recipe also features OATLY. It’s a Swedish company that is devoted to turning non-gmo oats into vegan milk, or mylk. This recipe features the Original Oat Milkthat are made with gluten free oats (yay) and there is canola oil in place of palm oil. I bring this up because OATLY has stated on its main non-US site that they will continue to phase out palm oil in existing products. OATLY’s name places an emphasis on the fact that they are loyal to the humble oats and the reason why they’re spent years perfecting their craft is that oats use less water and fewer pesticides thus it places a less environmental impact than other non-dairy milks.A serving of OATLYcontains 25% of your necessary DV of calcium and 3 grams of protein.



Another reason that OATLY is a bit different comes wit the fact they there are not as many fillers as one would find in other non dairy milks, however some have lamented over the fact that it does contain canola oil, but OATLY states that it is GMO-free and Hexane isn’t used in the oil processing. The lowdown of ingredients in OATLY Original is: Oatmilk (water, oats). Contains 2% or less of: rapeseed oil, dipotassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, sea salt, vitamin B12, riboflavin (B2), vitamin D2, vitamin A.

Taste wise? It’s very creamy yet silky. It does not taste watered down as some other plant milks do (I’m looking at you almond milk) so it makes a delicious addition and it does froth up when you use a frother or aerolatte like I did in this recipe. Also, Food & Wine also rated oat milk as one of the top 3 better tasting plant milksso there you go.


This drink contains one serving of the Moon Juice Blue Beauty Protein powder so feel free to drink both servings! Or share, whatever works for you.


Blue Moon Protein Milk


3 cups of OATLY Milk or non dairy milk of choice

½ tablespoon of Grade B Maple Syrup

2 scoops of Moon Juice Blue Beauty Protein Powder

a pinch of pink salt (optional)



To Make:


Slowly warm you milk at about medium low heat and add the protein powder, pink salt, and maple syrup.


Slowly stir while rising the heat a little more. You don’t want to over heat the milk.


Once the protein powder and maple syrup have completely dissolved and you’re left with a beautifully blue drink, serve in a cup.


additions: I frothed some of the OATLY milk with an aero whisk on low heat + topped this drink with edible flowers






*please note. OATLY underwent some recent controversy because of their choice to donate discarded oat pulp-rescue to an animal farm (source). As of May 30thwhen I contacted the company and asked if they were going to change their methods – all signs point to a hopeful yes as they are: “evaluating options for the oat residue to ensure we choose the most sustainable solution”



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