Oatmeal has a nostalgic place in my heart. We often think of the paper-packaged overtly sweet packets that would be ready in a few minutes. The warmth of oats on a cold morning, the ease of its quick preparation would lead me to gravitate toward it as a child. Nowadays I go for the healthier route and they are one of those staples that are easy to assemble and devour. You can add as much as you’d like to create a filling bowl, from dried fruits to edible flowers, and coconut butter. It’s hearty and filling which is ideal for on the go or a cozy day-in breakfast.


Before Liora Bel’s recipe from her cookbook The Mix, I would have never thought to add tahini to my oats. However, it’s no different that adding a nut butter, except this falls under seed butter. So if avoiding any kind of nut is on your radar, look to tahini for that neutral creaminess and loads of nutrients.



Tahini is one of those staples that I should be eating more of but sometimes I forget? It’s not that tahini is complex but it is definitely a toasty flavor that can be a neutral addition in many recipes. A standard serving contains some calcium, iron, and protein. I lean toward the unhulled and raw version of tahini because there are plenty ofnutrients are within the husk, though the flavor is slightly bitter, it can be offset by pairing it with other additions to make it sweet or savory.

It doesn’t always happen but I know and believe that making + preparing your own meals is provides positive experiences in many ways: by making it a ritual of sorts and putting that love and energy while creating, having the choice and power over what you do or don’t add, and then the experience of learning or trying something new or different!

 TAHINI OVER NIGHT OATS adapted from Liora Bels’s cookbook THE MIX

1 cup of non dairy milk

1/4th tablespoon of maple syrup

3-4 tablespoons rolled oats, soaked overnight in water and rinsed well

1 tablespoon raw tahini

1 teaspoon maca powder

½ teaspoon ground turmeric

-pinch of ground vanilla bean powder or extract

– pinch of ground ceylonn cinnamon



Soak your oats over night, in the morning rinsed them well

Combine all ingredients in a high speed blender until creamy, poor in a bowl!

Top with anything that makes your heart happy!


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