October, it felt like you came and went so fast. I can’t complain because I savored you as much as I could. From visiting Big Bear, getting lost at the pumpkin patch, visiting Disney in the Fall. While I ended up making my own pumpkin spice lattes this October, (highly recommend and you save a few dollars!) my actual Halloween was not incredibly exciting (fell asleep right away when I got home from work but hey I needed that rest!)

I’ll still be sharing my October Goals and a little later this month I will share November’s. I tend to journal late at night, when I feel a bit more comfortable to reflect. Am I the only one? I tend to be a night owl although I am working on developing healthier habits and getting to bed at a decent time. There are multiple layers of health which can at times feel exhausting but if it is anything I have learned in these past few months, it’s worth investing in.

Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms

I’m convinced nothing beats visiting a pumpkin patch in the fall. I’ve only been to a few pumpkin patches but somehow it sparks a sense of nostalgia for me. If you’re used to city dwelling like me, it’s like stepping into a realm of autumn. Everything is lit with golden hour and there’s a bit of magic in the air. Perhaps these are  key elements for a true experience of autumn.

This year I made my way to Underwood Farms in Moorpark. It’s perhaps my favorite farm I have visited and also one of the bigger ones. There is a farmer’s market stall with homemade good like fruit butters (I got pumpkin butter), and plenty of produce picked on the farm. Literally. There’s still earth and roots attached to them so keep that in mind. All they need a fresh wash and you’re good to go.

Disneyland in October

I haven’t been to Disneyland in years, going back to celebrate a friend’s birthday was the perfect occasion. Yes, the lines were incredibly long (California Adventure was quicker) and we went on a sunny day but it was a really great experience and I faced my fear and got on my first rollercoaster. You can also get yummy gluten free & veggie pizzas at Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta (so yummy) and the Halloween drinks were a sweet (hah) way to start our day, I got the Poison Apple (Sour Apple Slush with Vodka). This trip kind of doubled as my Halloween since I didn’t have any plans for October 31st

I’m not entirely sure what November will bring and I’m honestly okay with that. I plan on there being lot of comfort food, baking, chai tea lattes, and a drop of the weather – gosh I’ll even hope for rain. It’s been wonderful to have been celebrating autumn so far. I’m looking forward to creating more memories and continuing to thrive.


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  1. Glad that your October went so well. 🙂 I’m a morning lark but I can relate with you concerning feeling relaxed at night. I tend to make some notes at night too.

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