Sipsby is a new to me company that’s all about tea. Hailing out of Austin, TX this is a monthly tea discovery subscription box that curates to your personalized tea preferences. If you’re wary of trying out a box because you want to receive something you know you’ll like, the Sipsby signup includes a checklist of questions (its very simple but helpful!) such as preferred tea flavors, tea varieties (maybe you love green tea but don’t care for white tea), and so on. This keeps the element of surprise open and up to you!


Example, I selected that I prefer sweet, “dessert”, and health/wellness tea. I selected that I personally favor all types of tea leaves and non tea-leaves (tisanes) so that opened up my profile to be diverse. However, you can always retake your tea profile quiz if you want to shake things up or simply add more to your curations.

Sipsby provides 4 different styles of teas each month that will brew 15+ depending on the type of tea you get, for example a loose leaf tea may brew or less depending on how strong or how many times you choose to steep the tea.


My November Sipsby box was really lovely and had a good variety of flavors and brands. Some of these companies I know and am quite a fan of, and some were new to me. Sipsby also provided a muslin bag for steeping loose leaf teas which I think is an eco-friendly and thoughtful touch. Now that the weather is finallllly winding down, its really drawn me to making more mugs of warm tea to keep the cold at bay.

Heres what came in my box:

Traditional Medicinals



Harney & Sons



Yaupon Brothers






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I had not tried any of these teas with the exception of Traditional Medicinal Spearmint tea. Fun fact: in my early twenties when I was suffering from a lot of GI pan and fatigue, this tea was a game changer in reducing pain and putting me to a restful sleep. Then I discovered I have Celiac thersee days, I will rely on the mints to help alleviate any possible discomfort.

I was so excited to receive the David’s Tea vanilla matcha. I love vanilla anything, anytime, anyplace and I really love matcha so this was a delicious foray to more matcha favorites. Highly recommend blending this one with a hemp milk and a touch of coconut sugar. Yaupon Brothers is new to me but I was equally happy to try this blend. Yaupon is new to me but considered an America tea plant.

I really liked all the teas in this months first box and how personalized it came to be. You can even leave a review on your Sipsby profile to let the tea selectors know what you loved or didn’t like.


Another perk of being a subscriber is that the company has offers & giveaways. Whether you want to explore a company you discovered on Sipsby or want to try (and win!) a new tea that wasn’t in your monthly box, it’s definitely fun to be a part of the community.


If you would like to try Sipsby you can use the code TEALOVE so you can get $5 off your first box! Cheers and enjoy!

follow Sipsby on their social media by searching @sipsby & join the fam!


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