It’s the end of November and I have no idea where the time has gone. Tomorrow we welcome in December and soon we welcome winter. Say goodbye to pumpkin spice everything and bring on the peppermint vibes. feel free to share any plans y’all got for winter because I need to get a start on that as well. This November (and most of this Fall) was spent doing all the fall things and I am really glad for all the experiences.


I have a lot of positive thoughts and reflections for this November. November gave me the chance to go inward and experience that growth period. The weather dropped and we even got rain, although I really dislike driving in that weather. But the coziness of experiencing a autumnal month led me to have plenty of time for reflection. There is also a sense of self confidence to state: I need this time for myself.

Writing my previous post was instrumental in navigating the holiday season. Instead of expectations I focused on cultivating a positive time. Family time was very appreciated and after a few cups of sparkling sangria (red wine + ginger ale + blueberries & apples) a little snooze curled up with the pup was the greatest gift.

I feel very thankful for how this year has blossomed. My mindset has shifted to moving forward – and if I need to reflect on the past I will do so if it leads to growth but there is already so much blooming around me. Because of that, it requires my care and focus.

What I wrote for this Novembers goals & dream revolve around this as well.

Authentic self versus a projected self. / Starting off with connecting with your genuine self, and putting less emphasis on a curated self. Creativity is one thing but it requires authenticity. Without transparency the meaning doesn’t hold on. When you purposely align yourself with what you genuinely want, versus what you/others think you need, you can develop a relationship with yourself as well as cultivating your own voice.


Constructive > destructive.  Identify what thought patterns, actions, and behaviors you choose with yourself & others. Is it allowing your bond(s) to grow? This month I have realized how important communication is regarding yielding respect. We may have our differences, our disagreements, or misconceptions but  anger or passivity cannot facilitate growth or positive bonds.


Have your own back / in the face of adversity, it’s easy to give up power or let others define us. But going back to cultivating your true voice, recognize you are a work in progress. I will clean my own messes & turn those lessons into blessings.


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