Hello New Year: Goals & Journey

Now that we’re entering a new year, it’s time for a word to carry into the new year. . 

What I selected: Spirited. There are times I can get shy, quiet, or evade from my potential or allowing my true self to shine. In 2019 I want to have faith and courage in myself. I always want to empower others but first I have to begin with myself. 

One of my favorite moments this month was dancing to Ariana’s Thank U, Next but truly feeling it* , sure a little white wine helped but I liberated from any growing pains of the year, and over all I was grateful that circumstances (good & bad) that happened – did because I’m genuinely happy where I am and the best is yet to come. It’s that energy I wish to carry onto the next year. 

Normally when the new year comes around, I tend to reflect on the past year’s goal (or resolution) and work from there. This year I don’t intend on doing that. I am ready to embrace moving forward and casting my energy on what I need now. I also know what I want to achieve but instead of generating long term goals, I’m emphasizing shorter term goals that will lead to continual productivity. 


Writing at least twice a week, example: logging on Microsoft word or a journal and spending at least 30 minutes writing. What matters is the time spent creating embarking in valuing introspection

Reading a book month. Over the years I have become so flighty and on the move that I forget to engage in winding down until I get burnt out. This isn’t sustainable and I want to focus on activities that call on recuperation and mindfulness. Reading, knitting, crocheting, slow walks. These will do. 

Eat more plants. This speaks for itself. I feel better when I eat lots of fresh produce and I want to emphasize meal prepping next year. I want to develop healthier habits that will sustain my health. We become so fixated on how we appear but one thing I will say about this year is that I feel the importance of how your health leads you. Invest in sustaining yourself and ingesting the goodness of nutrients and stretching your body. 

Viewing energy as sustenance – you can’t run on empty and I have totally recognized that this year. I’m in my late 20’s so sure I could push all-nighters, and eating less than ideally if I really wanted to but this could be sustainable forever. The younger you start to invest in yourself, especially health wise, the better off you are at long term goals.

Journal – I have a daily planner & recently got a journal for my ideas and thoughts. I know I do better when I pin myself down to plot out and prepare. That’s just me. Sure I have winged concepts before and it worked well but I recognize the purpose in scheduling. Instead of getting distracted, that’s where journaling/planning can help. Also ever have great ides and think “oh I’ll remember this tomorrow”, only to find out uh – wrong! I find the notes app on my phone helpful! This way you can write down and addwhat needs be (images, thoughts, drawings).

I hope you have a wonderful New Years – no matter what you end up doing. Whether it’s a night in or a night out – what matters is that you’re happy and ready to embark on changes.


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