I am one of those people who will always look at a new year as a clean state. Truthfully it channels the possibility of renewal, the path to forgiveness and growth.

In my possession is a new journal. One that is significantly for my hopes, dreams, to reconnect with my self + heart.  One that channels my passion and creativity. The goal of this journal I to document my healing and let that growth evolve.

Inky blue with constellations etched throughout the cover. I think it’s fitting given how airy I can be. The purpose is also to ground because it’s my move to fill and reflect the pages with introspection and resolutions. 

I wasn’t raised with the idea of self-care. I was encouraged to run on autopilot, which led to debilitating consequences (burnout, anxiety, false ideas of perfection). Journaling in any way is a form of self care. Gather some nice pens, play some lo-fi or whatever music charges your thoughts, steep some tea.

January Goals

  • Move With Intention: Seeking fluidity and attaching intention to actions. Thinking before I speak, considering someone else’s perspective, or actions. Cultivating mindfulness never hurts calming down a racing mind. 
  • Honor Your Space: hand in hand with intentional fluidity is the advocacy for one’s space. Knowing you have power over what you choose to value, what you define as respect, and that anyone who disrespects your space may not deserve that space in your life. 
  • Embrace + Develop Strength: One of my goals for this year is to train my body. I had gone through many years of nor honoring my body or being kind. I used to believe physical strength was something I was not deserving of. Fear of the potential of building up my worth and being consistent. This month I’ll be focusing on stretching, training, eating whole fully, and giving my body kindness.
  • Seek Magic In Everything: This harkens back to my youth. I was quite dreamy and sensitive as a child and I was also my most creative. My doe-eyed spirit kept me safe and allowed me recover from wounds and some very tough moments. I believed wounds would heal, perhaps not in the stereotypical way and I kept my heart soft while my eyes were open to the good in the world, like fireflies in the dark.

I hope this may have helped you. Everyone’s journey is different. remember what matters is that you grow. even slow growth is a step toward blossoming.


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