REAL TALK >> not all my days are ideal. Some days I ignore my alarm clock or wake up straight up grumpy. Some days I am so tired when I get home I cave in to napping and get completely wired at night. No one is perfect so I get to learn from those off days. I think about how I can improve my habits and adapt better patterns. It’s all about goal setting.

Today I’m sharing February’s dreams & goals. When you think of February I am sure most people’s mind lingers toward love, hearts scattered everywhere, and the beautiful shade of crimson red. personally I’m working on inviting a lot of self love and sharing the love this month. I’m looking forward to a chocolate exchange on Galentine’s day, surprising my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day weekend, but also for myself. I want hone in on self love and it’s usually one night I have to destress and recharge. celebrating myself and just giving myself that encouragement and kindness we all need.

February’s goals & dreams

  1. Starting the day with a positive affirmation Before reaching for the phone, just reflect on how you want to feel/ what you would like to accomplish that day! I really think this helps clear my mind. I like to have my breakfast alone and start the day slow, so this is enough incentive to wake up earlier and make the time for my self.
  2. Integrate self love trips. Take yourself to a favorite café, eat the cinnamon buns, visit a museum, talk to yourself and be kind. Sometimes it’s all about the effort to reconnect with yourself. If you can, (I did this last year) go on a solo trip and explore a new city for a day.
  3. The way you speak to yourself matters. Stop negative self speak. Remind yourself of the good in shifting from a limiting belief to an  understanding/uplifting pep talk. Pick yourself up, cross out the anxious or racing thoughts. What matters if that you tried!
  4. Fill your cup. Don’t let it go empty, but also don’t overfill. Recognize when you nee a break and to recharge. Keep yourself physically and mentally hydrated. Especially during the winter!

Winter Tips // warm up! In the winter it is so important to follow guidelines that will help you during the cold. My current go to’s are Fresh’s Rose Eye Cream, Murad’s Night Enzyme Treatment and Herbivore Botanical’s Pink Cloud, sticking to warming plates of pasta and soup, teas to help. I have also been enjoying taking some Fridays for myself. Treating myself to a good meal, delicious wine, and sheet masks. 


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