I’m definitely someone whose constantly on the move. Restless by nature until the urge for a nap kicks in and I have to recharge. When your day happens to revolve around the hustle – simplicity works best.

For those busy days I try to plan ahead and consider what I’ll be nibbling on during the day. I make these choices because I know I feel better when I’m giving my body whole foods. I speak passionately about this because I used to deal with frequent health issues, and in the past I was not always eating nutritiously. Now, I’m in the stage of my life where I am prioritizing my health and what I consume. Sticking to whole ingredients (most of the time), but not limiting myself to indulgences every so often (non dairy cookie dough ice cream).

If you know me personally then you know oatmeal is honestly my ultimate go-to. Thick, creamy, and versatile, you can’t go wrong. Plus, they provide you with sustenance and energy. While I don’t have the chance to make + pack oats every morning, I like options that are fuss free but preferably nutritious. 

Mylk Labs is a female owned company based in Los Angeles, California that creates delicious oatmeal cups. They stick to a simple list of ingredients: oats, ground almonds, coconut sugar, & Himalayan pink salt. There are three flavor options: Roasted Almond & Himalayan salt, Roasted Hazelnut (my personal fave) & Dominican Cacao, Toasted Coconut & Cassia Cinnamon.

Each individual Mylk Labs cup is sweetened with just 5 grams of Organic Coconut Sugar. Other oatmeal packets I’ve seen have double-triple the sugar amount which is concerning given it’s a personal sized portion. All of the Mylk Labs oatmeal cups taste lightly sweetened, so you do have the option whether you want to add your preferred sweetener of choice or enjoy as is.

I like topping mine with fresh fruit (hello spring) and slivered almonds for extra crunch. Other favorites include raisins, maple syrup, nut butter, granola. Adding some hot water to fill ¾ of the cup creates the best texture and creamy oats. Feel free to use a non dairy milk of choice instead for even more flavor. 

I absolutely love these Mylk Labs oatmeal cups for their quality, flavor, and the packaging is truly pleasing. I love that they are gluten-free & plant-based as well! Go give them a try and let me know what you think. Follow Mylk Labs on Instagram too!


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