Can I just say I am extremely lucky that my boyfriend happens to make the trek with me out to LA (Erewhon specifically) to get the most delicious gluten-free bread. If you live in LA or happen to be visiting, I really recommend visiting Melrose. An adventure is to be had when you load up an electric scooter and ride your long along the colorful streets with unique eateries. Erewhon is a magical, self described “health food market” with plenty of allergen friendly foods and products. Erewhon carries Bread Srsly, which meant we stocked up on plenty of loaves and rolls. 

Bread Srsly was the first gluten-free bread that tasted like real, quality bread, which for me meant I wasn’t missing out on flavor and texture. I hadn’t had their delicious bread until recently when we went to the Celiac Disease Gluten Free Expo. While we were there, we sampled their new varieties. It is worth every penny for this bread.  The tangy sourdough flavor that leads to peak bread-high. I attribute this to the bread being wild-fermented, or cultured. 

Moving forward to the present, a recently investing in getting a toaster which which means getting creative with toast! I wandered through my cupboard to find some inspiration and an unopened jar of tahini. Tahini is a delicious sesame seed butter that compliments sweet or savory, along with having it’s own bounty of benefits. I mixed it with some tahini for an extra buttery flavory. A drizzle of Date Lady Syrup that added a touch of sweetness to balance it out. Edible flowers leave an artistic element similarly, feel free to sub with fruit if your market doesn’t carry edible flowers.

This is a lovely toast with plenty of flavor. The tang from the sourdough and buttery seed + nut flavors come through, while complimented by date sweetness. Perfect for a pick me up or a to-go provision.

Make //

I toasted some slices of Bread Srsly’s sourdough 

Mix some tahini + cashew butter (or stick to one)

Drizzle with date syrup

A pinch of sea salt (the faintest)

Top with edible flowers

Enjoy !++


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