The Strength of Vulnerability

There’s a strength to vulnerability. 

It’s knowing when you need to step back and take a breath. It’s accepting you will not sweep the floor or clean the dishes in that moment because you have a fever and perhaps, rest truly comes first. It’s knowing that you can ask for help, receive it, and this did not make you weaker.

Its knowing that you may have some health conditions that might follow you all your life but that does not limit you. It might challenge you but it does not limit you.

It’s coming from a history of hardship and lack of support but you decide, it is infinitely worth it to work on yourself. 

It’s realizing that the person that you were before, the pastimes and interests you once pursued so passionately may not have followed you. It is completely acceptable to lament who you were, at a point its essential to focus on who you want to become. 

I used to live with ghosts, until I realized, they wanted to be set free. There is no growth in a room with no light. 

Sometimes letting the sunshine dapple on your face feels foreign. The warmth is not familiar and you may even want to escape it. You may ben told how to feel, what to think or what to do. The opinion of others weighs down on you more than your own. 

When I realized I consistently did this to myself, nothing in my life could have left me more heartbroken than the fact that I continually deprived myself from being myself. The hurting, the healing, it’s a process. It is not easy. Nights of crying out of the blue lying next to my boyfriend as he tried his best soothe me. But I was shedding old skin and metamorphosing. Sometimes I felt shame because I felt my health kept me behind everyone else. I focused so much on what I thought I was lacking in that I kept ignoring my accomplishments. My self created doubts outweighed my strength and evolution. 

This is not what I what for myself. Perhaps it never was but we get lost in the daily grind. We get lost in pleasing others that our worth and needs fall to second or third place. A touching journey truly happens you listen to your inner strength and build that connection with yourself. A journey is a route that may change or challenge you. What truly matters is that I embrace my vulnerability, I progress on this journey with open eyes, an open heart. I belong to me.

feel free to get more knowledge on vulnerability from my inspiration Brene Brown


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