Travel With Me: San Francisco Dreaming

Living in Los Angeles, you fully understand the trials of traffic, and San Francisco is no exception. Being a popular city to visit, I wasn’t too surprised at the number of bicyclists cruising down the winding streets. Parking isn’t very favorable but public transportation is nearly everywhere. The weather is favorable for strolling down the districts and discovering new neighborhoods. Which is precisely what we did on our 2 day stay in San Francisco. Here’s some of what we did. 

Mission District: 

The districts of San Francisco are diverse and full of character. We spent our nights in an eclectic AirBNB in Hunter’s Point that was a 15-minute drive into the Mission District. The neighborhood was pretty quaint with not too much traffic or tourists. We mostly walked around the district and admired a lot of the murals adorning the walls and buildings. 


DRINK: Sightglass Coffee for a local cup of joe, this is a sit-down café with plenty of coffee, tea and pastries. The design of the café is modern and sleek and almost asks you create conversation rather than linger with your laptop. The coffee was absolutely delicious and my first sip of what San Francisco had to offer, in terms of coffee

EAT: Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen was a welcome dinner for our bellies after almost an hour of trying to find parking. This Venezuelan eatery was small but packed to the brim with hungry guests. This place prides itself on being gluten free as their arepas are made with corn and cassava. These dough patties are similar to pupusa and filled with delicious options ranging from seafood to vegetarian options. The yucca fries are so delightful as well. This was perhaps our favorite place to eat because the food was incredible and the staff was so kind and inviting. 

Cole Valley:

A popular place that was non stop hustle. Plenty of people walking though the streets, business lined down with no shortage of visitors. The houses were charming in their Victorian splendor. There’s also nostalgia brimming through the mom and pop shops, to a soda foundation, and a forest hike around the bend. While we didn’t go to the Sumo Forest hike, it’s on my to-do list for sure. 

EAT: Crepes On Cole was not our first choice in regards to brunch but we were having difficulty deciding what exactly we wanted to eat (Vegetarian? Italian? Mexican?) However, the first choice we had was extremely busy and we were too hungry to wait 40 minutes. A short walk across the street brought us to Crepes on Cole where they had an extensive breakfast and lunch menu. The gluten free pancakes were absolutely delicious and by far one of the best pancakes I have ever had. I recommend eating outside to enjoy the bustle of city life and a drink or two. 

Golden Gate Park

Visit: The Conservatory of Flowers was a memorable little stop while walking through the vast Golden Gate park. We were limited on time thanks to a parking meter. I was set on finding our way to the greenhouse. We had 15 minutes to spare but we made the most of this beautiful place. From hundreds of plant species nestled in every inch, you truly feel like you’re in another realm. Its quite humid but gosh it’s lovely. We saw a beautiful Giant Water lily in its pink stage, right before it would turn red and fade by the end of that day. The plant store is also nice and we left with candles and wo stickers. To be honest I really wanted another plant! 

Russian Hill 

Nourish Cafe

Visit: Lombard Street was the extent of our stay in the Russian Hill neighborhood but it was a lovely surprise. It’s quite packed with people but the drive down does take your breath away. You’re rewarded with a remarkable view of all that San Francisco has to offer. From the ocean, the neighborhoods, the streaks of nature. I could not have asked for more as the sun cleared out for a beautiful sight.

This was my first time staying in san Francisco and it was an incredible experience. As we spent our final night in the comfort of our AirBnb, sand listening to the cooing of the bay, it was bliss. The city is a miscellany of arts, fine dining, architecture, and nostalgia. I cannot wait to go back and visit some of what we missed on our first trip there. 


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