The aesthetic of the wild child who dances through a festival underneath the moon is not only an archetype but a fashion symbol. The one who walks through flower fields and daytrips through their passports in search of a new adventure. However, there is also expression of Summer with a sun kissed glow and late nights. 

Aria Lattner Jewelry embodies this style with beautifully created signature pieces. Using natural elements like gemstones. While Aria Lattner features a strong bohemian influences there’s a also a variety of styles ranging from minimalist, mystical, and southwest influences. 

The brand does not skimp on quality, these necklaces features here have 18k gold-plated chain and are truly well crafted. They come across as signature pieces, to care for and treasure. 

Let’s explore some of their line//

SOPHIA RING is 18k gold plated and has a two stunning labradorite stones that glimmer when the light hits them. Its adjustable so it will fit to your liking. The ring is very comfortable and truly beautiful. 


The Moonstone Minimalist Choker

is dainty and really lovely for layering or wearing as is. This one features Moonstone and Labradorite and comes on 18k Gold Vermeil Chain. I happen to love chokers as I feel they work best for me and this is a piece you can wear up or down, depending on your style that day. 

Clarissa Necklace is a teardrop necklace is a fluorite stone (colors depend from a seaglass green to a violet) I tend to stay away from long necklaces but this one is not too long and its so stunning that it doesn’t need much more (save for a simple gold choker) – this is a great statement necklace. 

EVIL EYE BRACELET is truly a work of art! I selected a rose gold finish and this piece features turquoise stone, cubic zirconia crystal eyelashes to create the outline of an Evil Eye. I must say this is perhaps the strongest statement piece I own because of the style and 

The Moonstone Minimalist Choker and Aria ring were my favorites but I adore each piece. I cannot wait to waltz through the seasons with these lovely gems and style them often.

Thank you so much to Aria Lattner for letting me style and check out their jewelry pieces. I cannot speak highly enough when it comes to these gems. feel free to use my code Cristina68173SC for 25% off at ARIA LATTNER JEWELRY


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