Currently I am practicing physical distancing, working from home, and only stepping outside my house for essential items – namely food. it is definitely becoming an odd “new normal” and while I miss being able to go out to the famers markets, the beach, or a botanical garden, I know that I am keeping myself and others safe by staying home and limiting interaction.

I believe food can create joy and bring communities together but  while we are encouraged to stay home (unless you are an essential worker and I thank you whole heartedly for all you do), it may also mean we are turning to our own kitchens to cook. While I LOVE cooking and baking, until recently I didn’t always have the time to do so. ⁣

I’m joining this #UNitedWeEat challenge to show you an easy breakfast recipe using simple ingredients. A lot of people right now are worrying about how they’ll finance their next meal; this includes people like myself who may have an allergy or autoimmune condition. Going to the store (while wearing a mask and only touching items we need) has us focusing on ingredients that will create meals that are nourishing, convenient, and versatile.⁣

Typically, French toast is made which thicker slices of bread but! – t his recipe definitely covers your bases for a minimal ingredient, whole foods + plentiful stack of French toast goodness.

Quick tips on french toast, a standard slice is less doughy than a thicker loaf, so it’ll soak up the batter quite quickly so there’s no need to let it absorb too much batter, a simple dip on both sides then removing the excess batter is all you need for a fluffy French toast

This french toast recipe is so simple and easy to assemble which I love. The longest part to this recipe is the skillet portion and letting those sugars caramelize and sizzle!

Whether you decide to prepare this French toast for a date day (think weekend breakfast in bed) or a slow & cozy morning, it’s so darn good and the bread is beyond tasty, yeah even for a gluten free bread. Feel free to add any topping you wish: vegan chocolate sauce, coconut whipped cream, slivered almonds. Enjoy!

For the recipe//

1 egg (if you wish to make this vegan you can use a flax egg as I did in the video)

1/2 Tbsp maple syrup (or liquid sweetener on hand like honey)

1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or any milk on hand)

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon*

1/2 tsp vanilla extract*

4/5 slices of bread on hand (I used a GF bread because of Celiac)

I topped my french toast with frozen berries, in the event you can’t find fresh fruit at the store you can use frozen!


* denotes that it is optional, if you don’t have these ingredients on hand, just omit them for the recipe.

To assemble//

Heat a skillet to medium heat w/  oil

Mix all of the dry ingredients and mix

Add your liquid (milk) and stir well – no lumps!

Dip a toast in the batter, remember don’t over batter it!

Place your toast on the skillet, let it cook and sizzle

Flip when it’s a nice golden brown

Additions: maple syrup +  berries!!!




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