Visiting Coffee Plants LA –

Back in August my housemates and I trekked to Pasadena’s hidden gem, Coffee + Plants L.A.

As their name suggests the cafe has plenty of beautiful plants that you can admire or take home. There is a beautiful pastel themed garland that lets you know you’ve arrived. Have I written about how much I love plants? The name was a big draw for me to come and visit this spot. My boyfriend sweetly picked out a cactus for me when we left. I named the plant François  and he is still happy and thriving.

But back to the cafe, it is a beautifully decorated space that feels like a garden thanks to the outdoor seating patio. They have seasonal flavors like cherry mocha, blue lavender latte, a salted caramel latte, and plenty of dairy-free milk options.

cherry mocha coffee latte
Chocolate Cherry Mocha

The baristas are incredibly kind and helpful. If you aren’t sure about what drink you want – feel free to ask them for a recommendation! Honestly, I can tell you that their kindness is worth the visit!

While this cafe is very beautiful with plenty of photo-ops – they really value safety. They have very firm social distancing and mask guidelines whether you’re placing an order or hanging out on the patio

Salted Caramel latte

Yes the drinks are beautiful and handcrafted – but the taste? Also high up there. I have quit certain well-known coffee establishments because the bean wasn’t living up the price or the taste. Especially during these times, I feel it is important to support local chains and businesses.

But yes, the taste. Every drink I had was a hit. I love any cafe that has oat milk as an option because, in my opinion, it is the creamiest and dreamiest adding that perfect foam or flavor.

We ended sharing an affogato, paired with a dainty spoon for scooping and dipping. While we visited this spot before the notorious Emily in Paris came out – this cafe kind of gives me that vibe in hindsight? It is a charming and beautiful place to escape in, while wearing a mask but snapping your #latteart

Special thanks to Julie Chavez for modeling!


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