Gluten Free Blackberry Goat Cheese Pizza

Savory Blackberry Goat Cheese Pizza. Stay with me here. Trust me.

 I love pizza. It isn’t so much my comfort food but my soulmate in the culinary sense. Delicious dough that’s layered with sauce, kissed with cheese, then finished with whatever toppings you’re in the mood for.

I love playing around with different flavors and textures when it comes to food. Pizza offers that “choose your own adventure” route atop a crust. While I can’t recall having a sweet/savory pizza combo, I knew I wanted to use blackberries. I figured they would pair well with the log of goat cheese I had in my fridge.

The remaining ingredients are quite simple; you have olive oil, mozzarella balls, fragrant basil leaves, savory fig balsamic vinegar and salt & pep. Balsamic is key flavor boost, it is the sauce of joy that enhances the sweet and sharp of the berries and cheese, respectfully.

gluten free blackberry goat cheese paleo pizza
Gluten Free Blackberry Goat Cheese Pizza

I do love a good crunch, so I added some prosciutto – which I highly recommend as well. Not only does it crisp up ever so slightly in the oven, but it offers a salty bite. This pizza is a unique fruity and savory slice of happiness. Perhaps it is my favorite pizza that I have made so far.

Recipe was adapted from Cappello’s own Blackberry pizza from their website, and I used their gluten free pizza crusts in this recipe. If you’re adventure drizzle some hot honey (or regular honey) after baking for another flavor bomb.  

As you’ll see in the instruction, I really recommend par baking the crust because it’ll hold the moisture from the cheese better, at least from my results. A quick fix for this would be to bake at a very high heat like 450F. Enjoy this gluten free recipe! If you can’t find Cappello’s crust I also recommend Simple Mills Pizza Crust mix.

Gluten free blackberry goat cheese pizza

To Make:

If you’re using the Cappello’s crust I recommend par baking the crust for 6-8 minutes at 425 degrees

If you’re using a different crust, you can also par bake before layering your ingredients.

After the 6-8 minutes in the oven layer a light glaze of olive oil to on top of the crust. I really love the Brightland brand because their olive oils are so fruity and rich.

Afterward you’’ add 1/4th cup of goat cheese. This soft and tangy cheese will melt beautifully.

Then I sliced my mozzarella balls in half, this will help them melt gradually. Additionally, you can lay your mozzarella a towel or cloth so they drain a bit. This will reduce the crust from potentially getting soggy.

Layer your mozzarella and then come in with the delicious blackberries. Top with basil and drizzle with a balsamic vinegar. I chose a sweet one to compliment the flavors here.

Bake your pizza per instruction. I baked the Cappello’s one at 425 for 8 minutes but you can leave it in longer so it continues to toast and the cheese gets melty.

If videos are your thing here the IGTV video with all the details!!! Enjoy!

Enjoy friends!


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