Bobby & Bambi’s Dog Bakery

Supporting local and handmade artisans is always something I will value – theres more heart and authenticity involved. I love my pup and animals are a responsibility so I try my best to learn about how to take care of my own, what is healthy, what is essential. I want to make her doggy life as happy and healthy as I possibly can.

Bobby & Bambi’s Dog Bakery features cute, handmade baked goods for dogs. They focus on using only organic, human grade ingredients to hand make healthy but canine pleasing creations that are completely gluten/soy/corn & sugar free.

 For Mimi I got her Apple Cider Donut topped with coconut yogurt icing & organic unsweetened coconut flakes (dyed w/ organic beet juice) and Pumpkin Donut (cause its Autumn..) topped with coconut yogurt icing and carob

I also got the Holiday Biscuits Treat bag, its really cute and features Pumpkin + Cheese, Pumpkin + Peanut Butter, Gingerbread and Cranberry

bobby & bambi

Bobby and Bambi’s has beautiful eco friendly packaging, and comes with instructions on how to store the treats. Mimi’s favorites were pumpkin, peanut butter everything and apple cider. I was happy she loved the treats and  All through December Bobby + Bambi’s Bakery is donating 20% of total purchase will go to support NKLA, to help  stray/rescued animals find forever homes!

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Bobby & Bambi's Dog Bakery  + Mimi

bobby & bambi + mimi

Pet Gift Guide

This gift guide is centered around our animal companions. I have a little Shih Tzu named Mimi who is the joy of my life and consistently inspires me to be a better person and especially embrace that pesky concept called responsibility. If you are lucky to have a animal companion hopefully this will inspire you to reach out and give them a little gift to cherish their presence in your life. The items I chose vary from ethically obtained, USA made or support no-kill animal shelters.

And if you are considering to get a animal companion I could endlessly emphasize the importance of adopting from shelters and giving an animal a forever home. For more info check out Best Friends Animal Society you can also sponsor animals at wonderful sanctuaries/rescues such as Woodstock Animal Sanctuary or Nowzad

gift guide for pets

Free People Hand Stamped Pet Tags / American made coin tags for your feline or canine

Animal Hearted Best Friend’s Tee  / Animal hearted is apparel for all animal lovers and they are quite popular on Instagram. These shirts are printed with eco-friendly waterbased inks on 100% ringspun cotton tees They donate 25% of proceeds from this product will be donated to a no kill animal shelter!
Ground and Hounds Coffee Co. Morning Walk Breakfast Blend / What is coffee doing here? This shop sells 100% organic & fair trade coffee blends and donates 20% of all proceeds to rescue organizations  helping stray animals find forever homes. They believe in the no-kill shelter movement and truly work to improve animal welfare through their ethically sought out coffee beans and blends.

Calming Stress Reliever for Dogs / I have used this for my pup when we moved earlier this year. Mimi is prone to anxiety and sometimes gets scared and this was nice to have on hand when I felt she wasn’t feeling safe in new surroundings. 

Free People Fireside Plaid Doggie Tee / During winter, some dogs get cold quite easily and canine clothes can come in handy. This one is USA made from Penny and Pooch
Dr. Harvey Emune-Boost for Dogs / This one is one my wish-list, Emune-Boost is a blend of herbs that help the body’s immune fighting abilities. Its a vegan formula and I recommend this article to read and please note if you do offer your canine or feline something new such as food, medical, health (be it holistic or not) – be sure to check with a vet or start off small to make sure they are adjusting well 
Free People Printed Cat Tipi / Can’t forget the felines! handcrafted from cotton canvas, birch wood, and micro fiber suede, vegan friendly.
Bobby + Bambi Gourmet Bakery Holiday Biscuits / These treats are one of the best you can possibly get for your pup. Handmade with organic ingredients. The flavors are centered around winter such as gingerbread men and cranberry stockings. My pup really loved the pumpkin + peanut butter, and cranberry ones! They are gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, and preservative-free. The packaging is also cute
Squeaky Plush Dog Toy Houndstooth / Squeaky dog toy filled with eco friendly fiber filling that is safe for pets

Bone Bons Organic Dog Treats Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies theoretically dogs can have chocolate in the form of carob, I have these treats and my dog loves them, they are crunchy and made with organic ingredients made in the USA. I think most dogs adore peanut butter…

“The cat likes overhearing children’s stories”

With the new years comes the desire from resolutions  goals, things to overcome in the new year. Though I have written a bit about what I would like the new year to bring, but I think it is a good to have dreams and I like to think of goals as a paper ship ride, not fully knowing where you will go but eventually, you will reach land. And that is important. To journey and have a vision (or several) and see where the wind will take you.

This  year I would like to

1. Harvest a garden. I want wildflowers, herbs and maybe a small lemon tree
2. Explore more of California, and have more adventures in general, make new friendships
3. Journal more. I admire people who at the end of the year have heavily filled journals
4. Write down every bit of inspiration, vision and dream
5. Tackle new knitting techniques, as daunting or intimidating as it may seem
6. Collect more treasures and old books
7. Focus more on my darling pen pals/packages
8. Join a workshop, any kind, at least once this year
9. My goal this year is to read 60 books.
10. Improve my health organically, holistically. blogs I love : Brit, Sarah and Keeper of the Home
11. Document more, I used to be someone who took photos and captured memories, I haven’t done that in years, I want to return to collecting memories

I have more but I’ll keep this one short!

chasing birds