A Minimalist & Zero Waste Guide To Home Cleaning With Full Circle

Full Circle is a B-Corp that provides effective, sustainably made products that range from cleaning, home composting, and travel. They pride themselves on using plant-based materials to make their designs. These include bamboo, cellulose, and nuts. Full Circle only uses recycled plastic in a few of their products but for the most part the recycled plastic that they did use on products that are meant to last – like a brush compartment or a tumbler stopper. Why does this matter? Consider how much plastic trash currently sits in landfills. Because it does not biodegrade and some of course can be recycled, this is a way of salvaging what would go to landfill.
While I believe we should minimize or eliminate virgin plastic products it doesn’t promote sustainability by any means it doesn’t change the fact we still have a plastic problem. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Plastics do not biodegrade, although, under the influence of solar UV radiations, plastics do degrade and fragment into small particles, termed microplastics.” These microplastics end up in much of our environment and largely, the ocean. Greenpeace states that Around 110 million tons of plastic are produced each year, of which about 11 million tons ends in the sea. And while you can recycle some plastics, its lifespan isn’t ideal by any means: most get downcycled to lesser quality products, which ultimately can no longer be recycled.
A Minimalist & Zero Waste Guide To Home Cleaning

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Cleaning our spaces is absolutely important. For most of us its not perceived as the most enjoyable activity but whether you live in an apartment, a dorm, or even at home its necessary to get into the groove of cleaning. Want some facts? Here ya go & another one for added measure. I make my own all-purpose spray which I will post the recipe to very soon! 
Laid Back 2.0 Sponge & Brush Be Good Brush | Most generic sponges made from petrochemical plastics. Full Circle offers these cellulose-based sponges as a sustainable solution that will completely break down when thrown away. In the meantime if you have a dishwater these sponge heads are safe to place in there for cleaning and maintenance.
The brush is made of bamboo and contains a non-toxic coating. The company uses recycled BPA free plastic bristles. The bamboo brush is re-useable with proper care and maintenance. All you need to do it replace the brush head. My favorite go-to are the sponges because they biodegrade!
Natural latex Cleaning Gloves | Prettiest environmentally safe gloves I ever did see. The inside of these gloves are made out of of nylon & rayon comprised of plant fibers. The outer is a natural latex exterior and the cuffs are made of cotton. No need to throw them out, with proper care they will last you a long time.
Modern Kitchen Towel | A 100% organic cotton towel for whatever you need: drying dishes, wiping down counters, even home décor. Of course its machine washable and durable.

Tough Stuff: All Purpose Scrub Brush | A sturdy replacement for scour pads this brush is ideal for tubs/showers, tiles, and wall surfaces. The head and its bristles are made of recycled plastic and bamboo making this ideal for vegans. Proper care includes washing in warm soapy water.

Walnut Scrubber Sponge | Only two materials made up these effective little scrub sponges: walnut & cellulose. The darker layer acts as a scour scrubber and the lighter option is a sponge. These were my first intro to Full Circle’s shop when I was trying to find solutions to plastic sponges. To disinfect and re-use you can place them in your dishwasher or place in boiling water for a few minutes and allow drying. Guaranteed to break down even in the landfill when it’s reached the end of its use.

Zero Waste + Minimalist & Palm Oil Free Bath Guide

We are a few days away from the year ending and I have my own plans written down and I’ve got my Kleen Kanteen on call. Still I am thinking about the year beginning and perhaps many of us should pass the torch from reflection to decompressing. From the holidays, from the ending of a year, & everything that came with it. 

Bath-rituals are my favorite part of the day (besides coffee). It’s the ritual of cleansing and unwinding from the day and getting ready to rest your head and have sweet dreams. To keep my showers environmentally conscious I time them and I tend to find myself unconsciously meditating through then. Treat yourself with this ethical + zero waste guide on organic & wildcrafted bath & wash products. Part two will come in 2017!


Heal / Acure Organics Dry Body Spray in Marula + Argan | y’all this product smells like a tropical island. Coconut, sea buckthorn and argan oil make this a healing oil that can be used on the ends of your hair or a body spray. It’s vegan and fragrance free with only botanicals making this blend. The bottle is recyclable – a really delicious investment piece because a little goes a long way with oil. You need not too much to soothe with this oil
Wash/ Gaia Entrancic Ah, I am proud of myself for finding a palm oil free package-free soap. Its not easy, even if you go to natural health/food stores, its still manages to find its way there. Gaia Entrancic makes vegan & palm oil free soaps that are also organic and packaged sustainably. Several of the ingredients are harvested from shop-owner Kaitlin’s garden and smell wonderful. She offers a variety of scents that rely on essential oils & not fragrance or synthetics.
Scent / Aura Aroma: Air, Body & Upholstery Mist | A multipurpose spray that is made with witch hazel and essential oils. I chose Tranquility that is a blend of bergamot, cedar-wood, sage, lavender, and neroli. These come in glass bottles made from recycled materials. I like spraying them in the shower and then after ward when I head to sleep.
Cleanse / Toockies Certified Organic “Her” Washcloths | These hand knit washcloths are perfect for washing or dry scrubbing (stimulate circulation). you can also machine-wash them in the dryer when needed, but when their time is up? These cloths are compostableand or can be recycled/reused as you wish. Zero waste and beautiful organic weaving. Even more is the story behind the knitters:  these are fair trade products made by women who earn a living wage through Toockies Project, these women are given a voice – the company adds their photographs a small note on the products they have knit and anyone who wants to know who created the garment can look her up.
Soothe / Fat & the Moon All Salve | I have an unfortunate tendency to get dry lips and palms during the winter. The drop in temperature and shift of seasons tends to cause issues. This All Salve is a rescue balm with Calendula, Comfrey and Yerba Mansa infused sunflower oil for applying on my lips, hands and under eye area after a shower or when needed. This is an organic based blend and its plastic-free, it comes in a metal tin which can be reused or up-cycled.


Zero Waste & Vegan Lunch Box w/ PlanetBox

I am embarking the final stage for my bachelors in university. Cue the emotions of excitement but anticipation of whats to come & the dedication that lies ahead. Studies are meant to challenge us and at times we put ourselves last. We fall out of balance with our health and succumb to the maddening late-nights spent editing, writing, or formulating. I’d always fallen into the category of neglecting to eat at the so called “proper” standardized times. Be it school or work when you feel rushed or need to catch the train, a deadline, or hour & it you forget to nourish yourself. And sometimes you get tempted by what’s available in the university cafeterias which may or may not lead to healthy choices, or produce waste – and if you, like me, have food allergies? It’s instantly a debacle.
I thought about attempting the zero waste mentality to meals when you’re in school, work, or even a trip. Perhaps it saves money, or offers you to make better choices. It definitely cuts down on waste, which was important for me to address.

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PlanetBox creates classic stainless steel lunch boxes that are an excellent alternative to plastic or single serve containers. No lead, BPA, or phthalates here folks, and its recyclable after your long years of use (no waste). I received the ShuttleBox with the Shuttle Carry Bag (which I highly recommend, to ensure longevity of your box & they’re BPA free + recycled materials used). I don’t like plastic; I want to avoid it as much as possible, especially when it concerns what I eat.
I gave myself a challenge: Create a vegan & zero waste meal for my Shuttle Box. I ventured to the farmers markets for fresh fruit & product, nuts (protein), found veggie chips in bulk! I recommend taking cotton or reusable product bags instead of the plastic ones they have at stores, or even mason jar (know your jar weight!)

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My meal comprised of unsweetened coconut yogurt* (the container is recyclable) with a drizzle of grade B maple syrup & a heapful of chia seeds (protein & omega-3s), sliced strawberries and a handful of almonds to dip them in, Sliced zucchini (which I also dipped in the yogurt) and lots of dehydrated veggies to round the meal. I take my own spoon & cloth napkin as well!






It took me less than 15 minutes to comprise this meal, mostly chopping fruits and veg and ladling in yogurt and its toppings. I really encourage y’all to try meal prep and ditch plastic for safer and earth-friendly alternatives. Check out PlanetBox for more inspiration on making your own rainbow meals.

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January Monthly Favorites

Hi buns! Todays post is gonna be the start monthly series of products + companies I like and, not surprisingly are organic and nontoxic/sustainable. I’m also trying my best to support smaller companies who are kind to the planet. Here’s January’s picks:

organic products

Art of Tea | White Coconut Creme Tea For the longest time i have heard amazing things about this tea, I finally decided to see what buzz was about and yeah, its that darn good. Notes of organic white tea, safflower, cornflower and coconut somehow become a creamy (but vegan) blend of paradise, its just so good! Beyond this botanical dessert tea Art of Tea is on point when it comes to being sustainable both as a company and their products. i highly recommend checking out this page on all the great work they do.

AmiTea Organics Lemon Meringue Organic Tea | Once upon a time I had an amazing lemon tea (however was not vegan) and ever since then I have been searching for the perfect lemon tea blends. This blend is a citrus refreshment. It has Green Rooibos, the unfermented version honeybush who has its own health benefits good reads here & here  This blend contains lots of lemon: myrtle, balm & zest but its not overpowering and I add a little more than what the direction say. I’m dreaming up a recipe for this very tea involving mint & raw honey around spring.

Beeswax Tarts w/ Organic Rose Petals | While looking for beeswax candles I came across these pretty heart tarts and couldn’t resist, they come in 12 count and are 100% organic beeswax and the petals are a sweet touch, the tarts can come in a variety of scents but if pure essential oils are your preference, message the seller for a list. These smell incredible and last a long time. I dig her shop because it reminds me of one of my favorite films Practical Magic (Amas Veritas y’all)

GoodLight Candles  | Well to use tarts you need candles and in my opinion unscented is best, especially if you are using a tart with oils added. These candles are extremely affordable and use sustainably cultivated non-GMO palm fruit, The company also donates proceeds to the very forests from which they obtain their resources.

Palm wax has been on the rise with is a good alternative to petroleum, however it is leading to  (good read) deforestation and the habitat if you do purchase products that contain palm wax I really recommend you make sure it was ethically obtained. Lets protect our (cause the earth is ours to defend) and here is an article on the effects of  rainforest + palm trees

Notable mention
Chemical Free Dog Toothpaste | I didn’t get around to snapping a photo but for the pets I bought this great pup toothpaste. Dogs need a lot of care when it comes to their dental health. Especially since some eat food that is a little on the wet side, the moisture creates plaque and build up but some breeds eat softer food based on their dental anatomy. The older the dog gets the more care is needed on their health: their teeth & gums. However! This homesteading company (who are also beekeepers) from Pennsylvania creates this amazing dental care paste featuring clay, bee propolis, anise seed & more. I have been using this for my dog all month and thankfully her gum issues are getting better and it helps her have a fresh breath. All non-toxic, planted based and safe.

Be kind y’all!

Eco-Conscious Gift Guide

Eco-Conscious Gift Guide

the ritual of gift-giving is a part of the winter season, so I thought to join the many others and create a little gift-guide. Some of these products I own, others are definitely on my wish-list but the key factor for most is that their are either ethically made, obtained, or benefit our health in one way of another.

eco conscious holiday set

Apron via The Little Market cotton apron is hand sewn and hand block printed from
Destiny Foundation, based in India, a social enterprise focused on providing livelihood opportunities for rescued women who have been victimized by human trafficking
Kusmi Violet Tea / For the ones who eat flowers and sip tea. 
SKIN Organic Lingerie / This black bra is spun from fine organic Pima cotton-mesh, perfect lounge-wear or layering
Gift card / To me, nothing beats the ritual of reading a book, and a gift-card is a sweet reminder to get lost in the magic of story-telling. 
Laurel Skin Honey Berry Mask / I have written about Laurel’s line of beauty products before and they are ones I use on a personal basis consistently, this is a good product to start off with, featuring organic raw honey, strawberries, royal jelly, etc. Support small organic, non-toxic shops 
Organic Deer Cotton Blanket  / Deer! Sweet, comfy blanket is made from soft, organic cotton. For the little ones or makes a personal shawl.
Sage Candle in Topaz / I love this scent! I have the mini perfume but candles are so dreamy, Sage Mercado’s shop has a lot of eco/ethical goodies. Her candles 100% natural using soy/palm/coconut wax, lead-free cotton wick. Topaz smells of mango, papaya and rosewood.
Fire Tonic / This is a remedy said to support the immune system, many recipes vary but Herbal Revolution’s infuses organic apple cider vinegar from the oldest organic apple orchard in Maine with organically homegrown vegetables and herbs.
Goodnight Tonic / Moon Juice makes a tonic to help sleep, each is a single serving of organic or wildcrafted Polygala, Chamomile, Zizyphus Spinoza, Schizandra, Lo Han Guo, and Stevia.
Gingered Rhubarb Jam / Family owned Shady Acres Organic Farm makes a sweet nectar of certified organic rhubarb and ginger.

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