Autumn Necessities 2013

autumn essentials
autumn essentials

Where to begin! This post has been a long time coming but finally compiled. A glorious treats of autumnal necessities. Today is a beautiful overcast day with a heavy chance of rain so I’m already wearing long socks, boots and sipping on some roobois tea.

Kinfolk Vol. 9 | I have had this issue since september but I have been so busy with school I only got the chance to read another wonderful compilation (as always) devoted to the weekend and as usual, beautiful photography!

Chocolita Raw “chocolate” | I love chocolate, but lately I have been trying to find alternatives and craved some raw chocolate, and came across Chocolita’s brand. This chocolate is raw, vegan, and uses fairly traded organic cacao. I purchased Lemon and Pine Pollen and Blueberry Lotus. I love this
raw chocolate, Lemon & Pine Pollen is reminiscent of white chocolate, heavenly and buttery. Blueberry lotus is fragrant and you definitely get blueberry flavor without losing a dark chocolate taste. Would I purchase these again? Yes!

Fawn Lily Botanica* – c/o Organic Chai Spice Artisan Soap  I don’t even know where to begin, I have long admired this shop for sticking to its methods of organic, ethically widharvested handmade products. The Chai soap is so fragrant! I initially wondered whether I would approve since chai is a distinct scent but this soap nails it perfectly & authentically: extra bonus: its made with sustainable palm oil.  Organic Botanical Delight Facial Steam It may (still) be slightly sunny here but the weather has gotten noticeably drier (and windy) which has been taking its toll on my skin and health (post on that coming soon) so I picked this facial steam to try out, very floral featuring organic chamomile, lavender, rose and other petals facia steams are used to moisturize, and given the ingredients used they can detoxify, stimulate or relax. Personally I have been dealing with a lot of allergies, congestion and dry skin so I am excited to treat my skin and respiratory system to this steam tea! If you have never done a facial steam I highly recommend watching some videos like <a href="http://“>this one or this one by Shiva to acquaint yourself. Have you ever tried a facial beauty steam?

*All of Fawn Lily Botanica’s creations are handmade in small batches from medicinal and organic ingredients derived from plants, and contain no harsh chemicals, additives, fragrances, colorants, preservatives

Wildwood Hot Apple Cider Blend | Another gift from Hannah that are i super excited to try out, I have made apple cider in the past but mostly used ground spices, these are the spices in full featuring the best of autumn: star anise, cinnamon, clove etc. I really need to go get some cider to mull!

La Papierre | Owl & Moon Stationary is so sweet for writing to penpals. The sets are up to you but the envelopes are made with 30% post consumer waste, i was really please with the quality of this seller

Elysium Apothecary Beeswax Candles | I love beeswax candles more than anything, now that its Autumn the weather is dwidling down and I cannot wait to light candles, drink tea and wear wool socks. Please note beeswax candles are available as a made-to-order so just message the shop to purchase some

Colorganics Lip Tint in Earth | Whenever I order a lip tint online I always have two worries. That the color will not be as strong, or that the color will be radically different than what i initially expected. That was not the case with this lip tint, its definitely a tint, but a strong one. I’m kind of obsessed with lip tints/color and this one is filled with moisturizing goodness like hemp seed, castor and beeswax. The color I chose is a deep true brown/red.

John Masters Organics Rose Foaming Face Wash | This is actually a little sample from my friend Hannah, but I have to say I enjoy that it contains no harsh chemicals, its gluten free and contains rose damascus. I will keep using the sample and see if I will purchase the full size as a staple, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the perfect cleanser!

Wigwam® Cypress socks | Sold at Madewell these are cozy grey cotton/nylon blend socks that are made in the US and I can’t get enough. 

Guest Post // Back to School Fashion by Hannah Graff

Guest Post by Hannah Shop/Blog/Art

Hello all!

My name is Hannah, some of you may know me from my tumblr and blog MoonandTrees. I am here to talk about fall and the autumnal fashions that come with it. I was so excited when Cristina asked me to do a guest post on her lovely blog especially since I am obsessed with fall and the wonderful fashion trends that start to appear when the leaves fall. I have created an array of some cooler weather looks to get you in the mood for that crisp air and the return of school time. I am also a fan of vintage clothing. I think autumn goes hand in hand with that sort of nostalgic dreamy feeling that a vintage piece has. I found some great looks for decent prices as well as some nice fall accessories to help add to the fun of going back to school. All of these items were found on Etsy. You can check out my entire fall wish list and favorite items on etsy here! And I am obsessed with these fall/ halloween photos from Foxtail and Fern blog

Lace Top– I chose this top for its darker fantasy quality. I think it would be a fun piece to pair with a thick sweater and scarf. The black will also match with anything of course.
Brown Suede Shoes– I love these cute little booties. I have not seen this style before and thought they had a nice woodsy feeling to them. I pictured them being surrounded by the fall colored leaves and fell in love!

Wool Felt Hat– I used to not wear hats but recently I just realized what a fun and edgy accessory they can be. I thought this wool hat was very simple and would bring a nice touch to a fall outfit, and keep your ears warm!

Aztec Sweater– This sweater looks so comfortable and fun. I am huge fan of these neat patterns that appear on many things lately.

Scalloped Skirt – I love this skirt. I have always had a fondness for a simple skirt but this one has the scalloped edges that I think bring some fun to it. Pair this skirt with some jewel toned tights and Bask in the fall air!

Inkit Pencils– These pencils are so pretty. I love how they have the bark still on them and remind me of birch trees. A fun alternative to the normal yellow pencil!

Bella Donna Solid Perfume– Cristina told me about this magical shop on etsy that sells products based off the film, Practical Magic. If you are as big of a Practical Magic fan as myself and Cristina, then you will love these products.

Taper Pendant Earnings– I thought these were so pretty and simple. I think you could wear them in any season really. I thought the Bronze colors were very appropriate for the fall season though.

Day Book– I am so in love with this planner. I can’t get over the design of it. I love the longer format and the green color. This will be a super unique thing to add to your back to school things.

November Instagram Favorites

another round of favorites featuring Carmyn Joy, Hannah Queen, and Yvette, click on the photos to be directed to original source! Hope you all had a beautiful November + holidays

Autumn Necessities

Autumn is here, although here in Southern California the sunshine is still brightly beaming. I’m hoping that changes soon. Like tomorrow. Like now, please? Sigh.

Anyways! Autumn essentials are always necessary to get into that cooler-weather, falling leaves feelings so here are some things I recently bought to celebrate the season of Autumn


 1. Beeswax Candles from Green Leaf Candles

This is a lovely brand on Etsy that make eco-friendly candles. I bought these because I was on the hunt for affordable, natural beeswax candles. Normal candles made of parrafin is actually harmful to the air. Green Leaf Candles also makes soy, & palm candles.

 2. Hot Apple Cider Tea from The Republic of Tea. Apple cider is one of my favorite things, Tea is one of my most favorite things. Ever. Like near obsession maybe. So I got this tea to further enjoy in one of my favorite seasonal drinks, I love Republic of Tea’s products and they also have a season Pumpkin Spice Tea wich lucky for me came as a sample from their catalogues, and it was quite delightful! Not caffiene free though! I will definetely purchase it later in the Autumn season, But I did also get their Caramel Apple Red Tea

    3. Yarn from KnitPicks for knitting all Autumn to Winter know, when I am not terribly busy stressing over school work. And maybe finally tackling crochet! 

 4. Boots. I may or may not treat myself to these beautiful lace-up boots from American Eagle. I bought     myself some boots from them a few weeks ago but I really love a good lace-up boot. Even if I don’t exactly  live in the coldest of climate areas…
   5. Very Structured by Essie They make such great colors! I tend to go for a darker nail color but lately I’ve been feeling the burnt sienna colors, perfect for Autumn. 

6. Thigh High Socks, from Forever 21 I’m a sucker for a good sale, and I saw these long socks for under $5 so I picked up charcoal (featured) and cream. Beautiful and warm. These by HUE are also wonderful

7. Lip Protection when it does come to the cooler, colder months, my lips have the unfortunate habit of getting dry. So I picked up these lip balms by Desert Essence (each one is under $3) and really liked the way they left my lips, they are clear, one has Jojoba Oil and the other Tea Tree Oil (they have other varieties too) and what I liked about these is they do not have petroleum, pesticides or synthetic fragrances. I really enjoy these and they really moisturize your lips.


8. Moisturizer with SPF – Along with lip care, its smart to keep your skin healthy and moisturized too especially during the cooler climates, I enjoy this Aloe Soothing Moisturizer with SPF 15 from the Body Shop, it has sesame seed oil, oat extract and I use the Aloe line because its great for sensitive skin, which is me, everyday of my life But another great product is the Josie Maran Argan Oil

Heres an image of some of the stuff so far. Now if y’all will excuse me, I’m going to go finish my paper and have a Wonder Years marathon. Bye!