Freedom’s Song Wolf Rescue and Sanctuary Inc

Out of Oklahoma comes Freedom’s Song, a non profit who help & rehabilitate wolves & “wolf dogs” ( hybrid resulting from the hybridization of a domestic dog & wolf) their goal is to provide a refuge for these beautiful animals who are often victims to abuse/abandoned by “owners” or end up suffering in shelters. Here the animals are embraced, rehabbed and given medical attention and to find them proper forever homes. 

    “It’s going to take a lot, but with your help we can build an ideal sanctuary that will provide a forever home for many of these animals for the rest of their days. Freedom’s Song Wolf Rescue’s 501(c)(3) non-profit status was granted in 2006. It’s time for PHASE I of the sanctuary – securing the property. Plans for future phases include building habitats, and an innovative state-of-the-art facility that will be self sustaining, operating with environmentally friendly resources such as solar power. Also, a very special volunteer program is planned, as well as an educational program.”

Once upon a time I had the pleasure of knowing a wolf dog. His name was Apollo and contrary to his large & wild physique he was the softest dog I ever did meet. He was the runt of the litter but I remember how quiet and gentle he was. But that did not diminish from his strength. 
I truly hope that Freedom’s Song Wolf Rescue and Sanctuary Inc will become a reality and that the land property become a sanctuary for the wild and animals. Even if you cannot donate, spread the word – use your voice and share their message. Animals want to thrive just as much as we do. Visit them on Indiegogo, Twitter and Website 

Save B.C. Wolves | Pacific Wild Alliance

February’s campaign feature is Pacific Wild’s valiant efforts to save British Columbia’s Wolves’ lives from being taken away. 

Pacific Wild Alliance a B.C. non-profit organization committed to defending wildlife and their habitat in Canada. We work with a diverse array of communities, First Nations, groups and individuals to ensure that biodiversity protection is at the forefront of land and marine use decisions. 

Why save wolves? I may not be a wildlife biologist but I firmly believe that we ought to share land with the animals we live alongside, I do not live in Canada and I may not understand what it is like to live among wild animal such wolves, caribou and the like but I don’t believe it is fair to damage the ecosystem. Pacific Wild offers insight into why caribou numbers be be dwindling and it has less to do with wolves: 

Decades of habitat destruction and human encroachment have left B.C.’s woodland caribou in serious decline. But instead of protecting critical habitat, such as lichen-rich high elevation forests, the B.C. government turned a deaf ear to scientific warnings and allowed logging, industrial exploration and other kinds of human encroachment to take place. Now that the caribou are almost gone, they’ve decided to scapegoat wolves. These highly social and intelligent animals, icons of B.C.’s natural heritage, should not be killed because of long-term government negligence in regards to habitat protection.”

Please visit their INDIE GOGO campaign, they have many perks available or simply if you can, donate a bit or spread the word. Wolves are beautiful, wild creatures. They want to live as much as we do, only their animal ways are different than our own. We should find a way to respect nature and not end it. Just because it is not happening outside our own windows does not we should deny ourselves the awareness of what is happening on our precious earth. Thank you.