“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.”

A small round up of the beginning of the year so far. At least what I have captured: baking, reading (5/60 so far…), meeting new people & eating delicious vegan food. But its what I don’t capture that has also brought a lot of light in my life: weekly lunches with my mum, reading by myself in cafes and finding moments of silence, & allowing myself to share my thoughts and opinions in class (I used to be quite shy and avoided this although I really wanted to share.)

With classes back in session i have definitely felt the shift in activity and prioritizing. I am trying not to let it stress me and planning things out has been an incredible help. So here are some things I want more of:
  • farmers markets
  • cafe sessions with my headphones on & a book in hand
  • film days with my mum 
  • the wind to stop so I can take my pups to the park 
  • scrap-booking!
  • perhaps a museum visit before springtime
  • have a proper film noir (or pre 1960s) movie night complete with pizza & popcorn
  • invest in a good sketchbook
I. Practicing with recipes and doughnuts. It kind of helps my mum loves when I bake them and its fun to come up with the proper ratios and combinations of flavors and farmers market finds (see: pistachios) Especially since its been cool-weather, I’m taking advantage of the oven
II.These are books 2 & 3 for my reading challenge. Angry Candy was a surprise read because I didn’t expect to like it but I really enjoyed the way the stories (17 short stories) Ragnarok is a retelling of the Norse myths through a perspective of a girl during World War II – I have a few books on Norse myth and this is not a straight academic retelling, its still worth the read for the language and how it explores the characters from Norse Mythology – feel free to check out my Goodreads for my reading challenge updates and book reviews!
III. New painting up in my shop – I have been painting lately but not as much but I am working hard to catch up on everything in order to be able to paint and lose myself. I am also becoming less headset on only using natural sunlight and finding proper lights to use at night
IV. Delicious vegan food from My Vegan Gold. I love coming here to eat when I am in Los Angeles and the variety of food is amazing (Thai, American, Italian) – no complaints. Definitely worth a visit.

Autumn winds and sentimental journeys

Oh Autumn. I wish i could enjoy you. But a lack of overcast, grey weather, too many classes to keep up with is just interfering with that. These photos are from October. My dreams of pumpkin picking, apple cider making and rainy days didn’t come into fruition however – we will always have November to fall back on. I am going to try to make time for myself and enjoy the days – and not just keep my face buried in school books.

old books and pomegranates
babycakes los angeles
fox sketch

i. sketch for a possible painting, pomegranate seeds & chai hot cocoa (with rose petals..)
ii. more sketches
iii. Babycakes in North Larchmont, my favorite bakery. I wen twitch Christine, she got me a Pressed juicer later
iv. practice…
v. I did bring in October with a allergen free pumpkin pie!
vi writing letters and playing with my new calligraphy set from Terrain.
vii Morning breakfast scenes. Apples caramelized with yummy pancakes

Chasing Sunlight

back to school
o u t f i t s
t r a v e l
r i v e r
r a i n b o w

i. a morning in August. relaxing: candles, dark chocolate, journaling
ii. hidden in the Malibu Canyon
iii. reading Lone Wolf & lavender macarons – highly recommend so far
iv. back to school essentials
v. the clothes I took for my vacation in the Nevada/Arizona border
vi. suitcase packing/essentials.
vii. river bound, amidst the heat
viii. goodbye rainbow embarking back home.

Summer Dreams

summer is the flowers wilting from the heat
collecting pieces of fruit, flower and mint to infuse cool water
summer is sleeping by the ocean wishing you could trade your limbs
for a mermaids tail
to escape underwater if only for a day
dance merrily with the undulating waves
summer I want to spend you
swinging beneath the tall trees
surrounded by an August breeze
running swiftly through the earth’s labyrinth
falling into a summer’s night dream

babycakes la

i. Bird-books and fresh breakfast
ii. recent drawing and new workspace and desk
iii. mesa sunrise and reading on deer
iv. I miss the mountains
v. Babycakes goodies! I can never finish it all
vi. earlier in July

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