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Wes Anderson banjo you probably haven’t heard of them cred, XOXO deep v kale chips Kickstarter viral. Swag meggings jean shorts chillwave seitan disrupt. Meditation flexitarian authentic organic, you probably haven’t heard of them taxidermy fap pop-up. Trust fund Tumblr Schlitz Banksy Austin squid.

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Frankie Rose | Street Of Dreams

This song on repeat. And on September 24th her album Herein Wild, comes out. Already in love with what I’m hearing from Frankie Rose. I’m ready for adventure, the changing of seasons, and good tunes. This Pitchfork interview with her is worth checking out.

Inspiration / Listen and See

Zooey Deschanel’s Marie Claire interview is perfect
Loving Hannah’s Society6 artwork!
I really want to get this Almond Milk, found via the Local Rose
Alice + Olivia Spring ’14 is my dream back to school wardrobe.
Kinfolk Inspiration from Seachant
Olivia Wilde is a classy babe
Pamela Love’s home is my dream
Teatime Remedies for your needs
Mumford & Son’s new video and beautiful Lily Collins in M83’s Claudia Lewis
Sneak peek into Rodarte’s upcoming short film
& new Au Revoir Simone