“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.”

A small round up of the beginning of the year so far. At least what I have captured: baking, reading (5/60 so far…), meeting new people & eating delicious vegan food. But its what I don’t capture that has also brought a lot of light in my life: weekly lunches with my mum, reading by myself in cafes and finding moments of silence, & allowing myself to share my thoughts and opinions in class (I used to be quite shy and avoided this although I really wanted to share.)

With classes back in session i have definitely felt the shift in activity and prioritizing. I am trying not to let it stress me and planning things out has been an incredible help. So here are some things I want more of:
  • farmers markets
  • cafe sessions with my headphones on & a book in hand
  • film days with my mum 
  • the wind to stop so I can take my pups to the park 
  • scrap-booking!
  • perhaps a museum visit before springtime
  • have a proper film noir (or pre 1960s) movie night complete with pizza & popcorn
  • invest in a good sketchbook
I. Practicing with recipes and doughnuts. It kind of helps my mum loves when I bake them and its fun to come up with the proper ratios and combinations of flavors and farmers market finds (see: pistachios) Especially since its been cool-weather, I’m taking advantage of the oven
II.These are books 2 & 3 for my reading challenge. Angry Candy was a surprise read because I didn’t expect to like it but I really enjoyed the way the stories (17 short stories) Ragnarok is a retelling of the Norse myths through a perspective of a girl during World War II – I have a few books on Norse myth and this is not a straight academic retelling, its still worth the read for the language and how it explores the characters from Norse Mythology – feel free to check out my Goodreads for my reading challenge updates and book reviews!
III. New painting up in my shop – I have been painting lately but not as much but I am working hard to catch up on everything in order to be able to paint and lose myself. I am also becoming less headset on only using natural sunlight and finding proper lights to use at night
IV. Delicious vegan food from My Vegan Gold. I love coming here to eat when I am in Los Angeles and the variety of food is amazing (Thai, American, Italian) – no complaints. Definitely worth a visit.

“Do not believe in the things you tell yourself late at night”

Lalala some of these snippets are from August, which aside from abysmal hot weather was a fun month filled with adventure & travel. Big Sugar Bakery is the cutest shop in Studio City with (obviously) baked goods but some local artisan goods and various knick knacks like stationary, ceramics and books. I went with my partner in crime Christine and we spent the rest of the day thrifting through Crossroads & Wasteland while ending at Umami Burger.  The end of August brought me to Monrovia, I can’t remember the name of the hiking trail we took but we found a small water fall, it was stunning to see how the summer heat impacted the environment, there wasn’t much water but it was nice to escape, free of cell reception and full of conversation. Also the Monrovia Farmer’s market was really fun and I picked up some Earl Grey Tea, charcoal soap, & books from a secondhand bookstore.

This week is supposed to be really warm. In September. Call me an idealist but I am really hoping that the weather will go to a semblance of normal soon. Its almost Fall but I am so busy with university (senior year y’all) and painting

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“I hold you tight like rain, Sunshine on a rainy day”

I am trying to journal more in the physical sense. Thoughts to pen onto paper – even if its several minutes a day. I seek this solitude with my mind like a chamber of dreams you unlock & explore.

I am spending more time devouring books, inhaling their words and exhaling my dreams. This year I want to accomplish sixty, it isn’t the number that counts but the transportation of a book, or the cathartic experiences you eschew. I simply wish to dedicate more time involved with literature

I am trying to feel more and expect less in the realm of art. Not focusing on the endpoint – rather absorbing what I am doing: lost in the blending and formation of colors, saturation, & waking up early to revel in the light of the morning; how kind it is for painting.

Still I dream, and when I do I dream of cabins and candlelight, picking fruit off the vine – fingertips bruised with the juices of fruits; the same hues I try to capture. No images can compare to the sensation of physical experience. Yet it fuels creation in our search to capture our dreams and memories. The stories that exist inside our head that we wish to convey, pass down, recreate.

new shop update

“Memory and dream are intermixed in this mad universe.”

Where does the time go? Literally where does it go? Between university, starting up freelance artwork commissions, and getting out of the house as much as possible I find a rhythm in Spring that involves conversation, walks with canine creatures, forcing myself to sit still and watch films, and reading. I have been filling my sketchbook with freehand concepts, visualizing. I suppose I am accepting momentum. I used to be a very shy person who second/triple/quadruple guessed life instead of taking chances. I’m exponentially grateful that I walked my way out of that mindset.

Many people contemplate the concept of happiness but I think its easy to accept an idolized, sometimes wayward form of it. I think happiness can be found in surrounding yourself with whatever makes you feel alive | inspired | whole.  And it differs for everyone and that’s pretty special. Pursue your passion but take deep breaths along the way.

I sound really positive but its a work in progress. I try not to strive for perfection because I would much rather discover contentment with embracing myself.

fox painting


“The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.”

Where has the time gone? Truth be told I am so happy its Spring, which coincides with my birthday (the 26th) and I love the idea of winter, more than winter – which I find to be more isolating but Spring has been really kind, full of the promise of blossom and release. My birthday was unexpectedly beautiful. I got to meet friends I have known but live terribly far, I have explored beyond my city and traded stories for dreams, totems and smiles. My best friend Kayla and I joined in the #100HappyDays challenge on instagram under the #westcoastdiaries tag. I think social media can be overwhelming but also positive at the same time. In this case, we both feel inspired to search for something that make our days a bit more sweeter. I have been planting and reading about gardening. Its a dream of mine to someday grow my all of my own produce, as much as I can. Theres a serenity and hard work in gardening, its outwardly caring for something that will sustain you – its no different than painting a work of art or creating in general. I really love the Garden In the Koop boxes because they make it so practical yet attainable whether you have limited or vast space and its all organic + ethical!

So where has the time gone? Its gone in memories, laughter, story telling, escapism, creating, resting, growing and walking. Its a detachment of the concept of “time” and simply just living day by day seeing where it takes me.

morning light
birthday flowers
postal love
tiger & ranunculus

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