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Pamela Love. Her name alone winds up the music-box of inspiration. Bohemian desert angels across a highway, modern day dryads with flowers woven through their tendrils – or anyone wishing to adorn themselves with spellbound talismans. I’ve been enamored with Love’s creations since the arrowhead pendant made its debut several years ago. I wasn’t completely in love with jewelry until I saw hers and I’ve been hooked ever since then.

The symbolism and story behind each piece really implored me to do the same with my own art. Anyone can create, but what matters most is what lies beneath the surface. To sum this up, I re-watched some videos of the designer because she (and her amazing New York home) never fail to lift the veil and enlighten my mind. Long live Love.

// Pamela Love for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

Inspiration / Listen and See

Zooey Deschanel’s Marie Claire interview is perfect
Loving Hannah’s Society6 artwork!
I really want to get this Almond Milk, found via the Local Rose
Alice + Olivia Spring ’14 is my dream back to school wardrobe.
Kinfolk Inspiration from Seachant
Olivia Wilde is a classy babe
Pamela Love’s home is my dream
Teatime Remedies for your needs
Mumford & Son’s new video and beautiful Lily Collins in M83’s Claudia Lewis
Sneak peek into Rodarte’s upcoming short film
& new Au Revoir Simone



Inspiration in these beautiful videos, dreamlike imagery and haunting lullabies. What are yout favorite videos? Sometimes I spend all day watching magical videos like these because its like watching a dream unfold right in front of you., capturing the perfect mood or vibe.a
1. Pamela Love’s SS13 “Maia Collection” fashion film starring Crystal Renn with music by Devendra Banhart No words really. I think this is my favorite fashion video ever. I want to live within this dream realm. And those jewels!
2. Antlers, crystals and the forest From 2011 but LittleDoe is always inspiring. Why am I being drawn to summer?
3. Witches, girlfriends and late night love-spells Wildfox
4. Witches, the ocean, haunted doll like femmes. Lula

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