Chasing Sunlight

back to school
o u t f i t s
t r a v e l
r i v e r
r a i n b o w

i. a morning in August. relaxing: candles, dark chocolate, journaling
ii. hidden in the Malibu Canyon
iii. reading Lone Wolf & lavender macarons – highly recommend so far
iv. back to school essentials
v. the clothes I took for my vacation in the Nevada/Arizona border
vi. suitcase packing/essentials.
vii. river bound, amidst the heat
viii. goodbye rainbow embarking back home.

Inspiration / Wandering

Lomelinos glass (Lomelino´s Ice cream) from Linda Lomelino on Vimeo.

It’s been quite hot lately..this video offers a bit of a cool down.
Shiva Rose’s garden & Ryan Matthew Cohn’s home
this striped cotton dress of my dreams
forever lurking Oregon Dreaming and the amazing Woolgathering & Wildcrafting
Jess’s interview with the one & only Kris Carr
I’m obsessed with DRY sodaproof here
Keri-Ann in the current issue of Thistle
I want to make my own vanilla extract
I love Angelina Jolie (for life) and Miranda Kerr is precious
& WildWood Chronicles will get a 3rd installment!

This should be consumed with a slice of cherry pie and coffee

I feel summer everywhere


Inspiration in these beautiful videos, dreamlike imagery and haunting lullabies. What are yout favorite videos? Sometimes I spend all day watching magical videos like these because its like watching a dream unfold right in front of you., capturing the perfect mood or vibe.a
1. Pamela Love’s SS13 “Maia Collection” fashion film starring Crystal Renn with music by Devendra Banhart No words really. I think this is my favorite fashion video ever. I want to live within this dream realm. And those jewels!
2. Antlers, crystals and the forest From 2011 but LittleDoe is always inspiring. Why am I being drawn to summer?
3. Witches, girlfriends and late night love-spells Wildfox
4. Witches, the ocean, haunted doll like femmes. Lula

Sweet Like Cinnamon

Dreams have been easier to recall lately, perhap this is in part of the blue moon from a few days ago. Jasmine haired women who smell like their namesake flower. They came with fawn and walked by me as if i was a mere wildflower – a passing leaf. 

I need : October, books of poetry & Southern novels,  rain-fall of the  autumnal season, pumpkins &  falling leaves,  film-nights, to be enveloped in warm blankets while books become my sleeping companions. lighting candles as they light the way I miss the raindrops creating melodies upon my windowsill, my bittersweet music-box lullaby.

lately, via my instagram

& some work-in-progress artwork of some lovelies