Guest Post // Back to School Fashion by Hannah Graff

Guest Post by Hannah Shop/Blog/Art

Hello all!

My name is Hannah, some of you may know me from my tumblr and blog MoonandTrees. I am here to talk about fall and the autumnal fashions that come with it. I was so excited when Cristina asked me to do a guest post on her lovely blog especially since I am obsessed with fall and the wonderful fashion trends that start to appear when the leaves fall. I have created an array of some cooler weather looks to get you in the mood for that crisp air and the return of school time. I am also a fan of vintage clothing. I think autumn goes hand in hand with that sort of nostalgic dreamy feeling that a vintage piece has. I found some great looks for decent prices as well as some nice fall accessories to help add to the fun of going back to school. All of these items were found on Etsy. You can check out my entire fall wish list and favorite items on etsy here! And I am obsessed with these fall/ halloween photos from Foxtail and Fern blog

Lace Top– I chose this top for its darker fantasy quality. I think it would be a fun piece to pair with a thick sweater and scarf. The black will also match with anything of course.
Brown Suede Shoes– I love these cute little booties. I have not seen this style before and thought they had a nice woodsy feeling to them. I pictured them being surrounded by the fall colored leaves and fell in love!

Wool Felt Hat– I used to not wear hats but recently I just realized what a fun and edgy accessory they can be. I thought this wool hat was very simple and would bring a nice touch to a fall outfit, and keep your ears warm!

Aztec Sweater– This sweater looks so comfortable and fun. I am huge fan of these neat patterns that appear on many things lately.

Scalloped Skirt – I love this skirt. I have always had a fondness for a simple skirt but this one has the scalloped edges that I think bring some fun to it. Pair this skirt with some jewel toned tights and Bask in the fall air!

Inkit Pencils– These pencils are so pretty. I love how they have the bark still on them and remind me of birch trees. A fun alternative to the normal yellow pencil!

Bella Donna Solid Perfume– Cristina told me about this magical shop on etsy that sells products based off the film, Practical Magic. If you are as big of a Practical Magic fan as myself and Cristina, then you will love these products.

Taper Pendant Earnings– I thought these were so pretty and simple. I think you could wear them in any season really. I thought the Bronze colors were very appropriate for the fall season though.

Day Book– I am so in love with this planner. I can’t get over the design of it. I love the longer format and the green color. This will be a super unique thing to add to your back to school things.

“I hid my heart in a nest of roses”

I have fallen a little ill. Winter chills I suppose. I have been layering on sweater after sweater, knee high socks and drinking ubiquitous amounts of tea to hinder the cold. Wrapped in blankets and ribbon braiding my hair as I sleepily watch Audrey Hepburn films on the television, falling asleep and waking up at the early hours of dawn to my mother’s brewing her coffee and the birds singing, they like to perch on our windowsill as if to wake us up and graciously give them some seeds.

Here is a little mood-board of a past beautiful life. Of old things, once beloved and meant to be re-loved again until they become dust in our hands and swept by the wind. I am waiting for the warmest bowl of porridge to cool so I may devour it like a bear. My father brought me pink roses and I want to press them so I can keep them forever, within a treasure chest. I do wish I could step into these images like Lucy and her siblings did in the wardrobe, leading them into Narnia. I wonder where these images would lead me to. Seldom do I not dream..