About Cristina Rose

My name is Cristina and I am a photographer, videographer, and founder of awildflowerspirit.com.

I work with amazing companies to produce high-quality media for their brand and company. My passion revolves around being a visual storyteller through photography, filming, and editing

I’m a believer in vulnerability, compassion, & midnight coffee. I advocate kindness & finding wilderness.

I’m here to inspire you. Whether it’s embracing a more sustainable life, chasing your wanderlust, incorporating self-growth (which is not always an easy journey), or showing y’all! how to eat gluten-free deliciously!

I also feel we should nourish and nurture ourselves with self-care. Everyone is on their own journey and we should learn to honor that!

I love to travel and want to encourage you to discover new adventures while documenting the beauty that exists wherever we may wander.

When I am not snapping photos or filming, you can catch me doing some fiber arts, reading, developing recipes, watching a good film, and visiting a farmer’s market.

If you need to contact me for a business inquiry or professional photography, send an email over at cristinaroseart@gmail.com.

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