Winter + Respiratory Remedies

Needless to say, it has been one very strange winter indeed, regardless of what coast you live in. In Los Angeles, we’ve been sadly spared of rain, moisture, and grey skies but given wind, cool air and sun (a lot of sun). Still, winter manages to affect us so I stocked up some tried and true products that helped me this season. Potency and organic ingredients, to soothe the conundrums brought on by the changing seasons be it dry skin, colds, sinus troubles or to keep you warm.

These products I have been using for awhile so I can safely say I find them as go-tow in my ever-growing herbal first aid kit. Before you use any products make sure they are suitable to your needs/conditions!


Badger Aromatic Chest Rub I first got this because I deal with a lot of nasal blockage, especially in autumn/winter when it gets significantly drier at night. This is a chest rub but I apply it atop + around my nose. Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, & Tea Tree are a few of the wonderful essences in this blend. Personally, Apply generously tot a greater effect (its a balm)

Moon Valley Organics Moon Melt Lotion Bar : The prettiest packaging, organic and absolutely yummy (it smells like a vanilla birthday cake) ingredients, and the kindest customer service,  I never buy lotions but as the years pass I notice the drier my skin tends to get in dry climate so I found this wonderful West Coast based company who answered my questions with quick response + kindness. It smells heavenly, keeps my skin happy and is botanically derived, I really love that the Vitamin E in this is derived from sunflower, and not synthetic. Vitamin E is an important factor for skin, hair and overall health because of its antioxidant and moisturizing properties. It’s an amazing bar for dry skin

Honey Gardens Wild Cherry Bark with raw honey, propolis and ginger root its a heaven-sent product for scratchy throats and has calming properties, mostly organic-derived.  Wild Cherry bark was used by Native Americans, by stripping the bark and grinding it, learn more about Wild Cherry Bark here

Sequoia Beauty Purity Balm – This is best for the face + neck, I didn’t think I would end up using it much because because my skin isn’t dry so much as it is sensitive, however when I started getting irritated dry patches on my face I was grateful to have this near. Organic, raw and features Rosehip Seed and Tamanu oil that soothe damaged and sensitive skin.

Wish Garden Herbs Kick Ass Immune I really only started using medicinal botanicals such as elixirs and I find them to be really helpful way to ingest all the herbs & botanics. Like tea, except more variance and easy to take with you wherever you are. I love that this features herbs that are great for respiratory health as well as immunity. This features Yerba Santa leaf, Baptisia root, Yarrow and Elderflower which contain a plethora of nutrients! Osha root (a relative to carrots and parsley) is recognized as antibacterial and immune boosting

Fawn Lilly Botanica Facial Steam (c/o) If you’ve never tried a facial steam, please do! I think they are safer alternative to nasal pots, the heat opens up your pores, airways and stimulates the skin. However this is not recommended for irritated skin/rosacea/windburned. I like to also use it in the bath (mine came in tea bags, however, you can easily steep with a strainer or tied up cloth.

Nature’s Rite Sinus Support This features Grapefruit Seed, Yarrow for respiratory health, and Aloe leaf to soothe dry sinuses and bring back moisture. Another great product is Olive Leaf Spray which also features Grapefruit Seed Extract. Try out some botanical based sprays to help allergies and sinus pain just remember consistency is key.

Marble & Milkweed Forest Tea  I have written about this tea before but I can’t help but rave about its wonderful taste and woodland vibes. along as a tea I actually also used it as a facial steam. Completely organic based.

“All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.”

The moon was unveiled by the shadows and clouds looming in the sky. Opalescent as the glowing light of a waning gibbous, against the dark azure night sky grew darker. My heart, always in a state of waxing, hopes this serves as an omen of goodness and light ahead

I dreamt of Bottecelli angels flying above my head, as I slept their cool wings beat and a few feathers fall, landing on my bed. These sacred omens, these silent whispers

Winter for me is not snowflakes nor walks through the woods. It is not rainy skies and birdsong. However, as these few glimpses of photographic points can tell, it has been filled with paintbrushes and artistic nourishment, dawn to dusk and bloom – as well as growth. Growth is never easy but an inevitable lesson. Like the seasons that morph and change, we must adapt to the transitions that come our way, learn to be there for one another. In a world with so many individuals and strangers – do we not owe it to ourselves and others to give benevolence, whole heartedly?

The stars had only one task: 
They taught me how to read.
They taught me I had a language in heaven and another language on earth.

owl eyes
une livre
deux biche
Foxes and love
cereal and comics

I get out of bed, go over to the window, and look at the night sky. And think about time that can never be regained. I think of rivers, of tides. Forests and water gushing out. Rain and lightning. Rocks and shadows. All of these are in me.
—  Haruki Murakami 

Ailey Mae | Raw Chocolate

I may be a sucker for great packaging, but it is also extra sweet when the product is just as amazing. Ailey Mae recently sent me several of her handmade, raw chocolates to savor and nibble including Rose & Pistachio, Roasted Hazelnut and Himalayan Sea Salt. I am a raw chocolate convert and really loved that these taste like a straight up dark chocolate, minus most allergens (note some of her product do contain coconut and nuts) These raw chocolate are made in Scotland in small batches using raw cacao butter, raw cacao powder, raw coconut butter, agave nectar.

My favorite was actually the Himalayan Sea Salt! The delicate balance of a pink sea salt and the delicious cacao made for a perfect late night treat. Trust me when I say these did not last long. Rose & Pistachio is floral and light while the Hazelnut is also extra delightful. If you love dark chocolate, definitely try these or her equally scrumptious Raw peanut Butter Truffles. Ailey did send me one to try but, sorry I couldn’t be bothered to document it when it was  too good to wait. I actually used a bit of the Rose & Pistachio in my cocoa, to give it an extra boost of flavor.

ailey mae raw chocolates

ailey mae raw chocolates

ailey mae raw chocolates

Inspiration | Elemental Child

Gillian Chadwick is the alchemist behind Elemental Child her shop that features beautifully curated crowns and headpieces. Using semiprecious stones, metals, and an impressive background in jewelry design to create these works of art. My favorite is the Czarina crown, inspired by Russian faerie tales.

Photographed by Massachusetts based Courtney Brooke the lookbook perfectly showcases the crowns in their element. Gillian Chadwick and Brooke have collaborated before on the formers musical project Ex-Reverie and I am so grateful these two create such otherworldly art. Deprived of a proper autumn here in Los Angeles I have been eye-swooning this lookbook wishing it was possible to be transported in this realm of magic, light, and mystery. Shop Elemental Child 

Photographed by Courtney Brooke
Model: Kater Resler
Designs by: Elemental Child