“Essential yet appealed, carry all your thoughts across an open field”



fresh coffee with ginger chai
fallen rose petals
new freckles

homemade walnut milk
wooden chest with handwritten letters
leonine mannerisms
spring sunlight on the windowsill
old piano keys
flower pressing
vintage lace capelets
bear-food & tea
dawn trails
searching of antique lockets

Health : Immune/Allergy Remedies

Health is very important to me. My history included dealing with various allergies, respiratory, immunological, issues. I know I am not the only person that has suffered form health issues but I believe we should continually learn about ourselves, our health, our mind and what we choose to put into it.
As I got older I learned to identify, understand and control my health issues.

I focused on my health, eating pure foods. Organic, local, mostly plant based diet. Cleaning out the toxic chemicals and products in my home and adding gentler, earth friendly products. I did (still do) my research. Learning the beauty of earth-based remedies and handmade alternative medicines.

Enter farmer’s market produce and my love of raw honey! When I eat healthy. I feel healthy. I don’t get headaches, I don’t feel as fatigued, I don’t feel nauseous, my lungs are happy… That doesn’t mean I don’t have my days off, that sometimes I’ll unknowingly I’ll react badly and have to recuperate or sometimes I just need to rest….Everyone needs rests. Both physically and mentally. 

That being said, these are some of what I use for respiratory health, or allergies all year long.

365 Raw Honey – A little raw honey goes a long way with its antimicrobial, energy boosting properties (contains a lot of B-vitamins and minerals), propolis, etc.

Maty’s Natural Vapor Rub  Petroleum-free, botanically derived for nasal relief and immune support

Sidda Flower Essence in ‘Lung & Sinus’ contains jasmine & eucalyptus. a constant go-to when I feel congested and need relief.

Honey Gardens Wild Cherry Bark with raw honey, propolis and ginger root its a heaven-sent product for scratchy throats and has calming properties, mostly organic-derived.

Amande Cultured Almond “Yogurt” – love this vegan kefir, boasting probiotics. I sprinkled pumpkin seeds on top. Probitics are great from gut health, an underlooked part of our anatomy. our immune system resides in the gut, if we don’t nourish it with healthy bacteria and healing foods, or stress – this leads to illness

Cozy Leaf Teaf in Lemon Wellness – a medley of organic rooibos tea (good for allergies and respiratory problems), lemon peel & balm (a gentle sedative, used for broncihial inflammation and In Greek, Melissa signifies honey bee)

Gratitude Sunday

Unraveling yarn, very tediously…but enjoying lace-knitting
& really finding my voice so to speak with what I want to create
Painting &
Spending way too many hours looking at vintage dresses
Packaging and mailing off orders + coffee runs
Dreaming about quilts and clouds and mint bikes
Lunch dates with my mum at Whole Foods Market + Follow Your Heart
Midnight bubble-baths with honey beeswax candles
Writing everything down, inspiration wise…and pinning
Lazy dawn mornings
Rose vanilla and Jasmine candles..
Healing / Birthdays with beautiful friends & family.
Updated my shop!
eastern bluebird