Something I have realized lately – when we think of healing, the thought usually surfaces around time of illness, loss, prevention. The aftermath.

But maybe healing should be something we do everyday. Whether its healing foods, teas, herbs, journaling, developing affirmations, creating a vision or dream board, help others, volunteering, meditation, dance, visit an animal sanctuary, yoga, surround yourself with positive people, there are so many ways and methods to heal. We should nurture and discover ourselves within the process. We should be kind to ourselves and extend that energy to those around us.

We can heal and bring happiness all with a simple action or thoughts. We have the ability to make someone smile. To ease their pain, to bring hope or a new perspective, to inspire someone, to develop positive manifestos and discard negative ones, to help create, to heal. Not just our loved ones, strangers or beloved animal companions but ourselves

I think to change someone’s life for the better is powerful. Not just others, but yourself too

I think sometimes we get so overwhelmed, caught up, lost, in dreams or elsewhere

We forget to live in the present. We must be mindful of what is happening

I am making an effort to be present. To focus whats happening in the moment – not the past, not the future but but right now. Are we losing touch with whats around us? Are we noticing the little details life has to offer us; a butterfly against flowers, a conversation that could lead to friendship, heads buried in new books instead of technology.


Inspiration in these beautiful videos, dreamlike imagery and haunting lullabies. What are yout favorite videos? Sometimes I spend all day watching magical videos like these because its like watching a dream unfold right in front of you., capturing the perfect mood or vibe.a
1. Pamela Love’s SS13 “Maia Collection” fashion film starring Crystal Renn with music by Devendra Banhart No words really. I think this is my favorite fashion video ever. I want to live within this dream realm. And those jewels!
2. Antlers, crystals and the forest From 2011 but LittleDoe is always inspiring. Why am I being drawn to summer?
3. Witches, girlfriends and late night love-spells Wildfox
4. Witches, the ocean, haunted doll like femmes. Lula

Morphean: of, like or pertaining to dreams or to sleep.

    The other day I met growth. On Tuesday I went to lunch with my sweet Tina in Silverlake, found an amazing brand of raw, organic rose kombucha, I found myself talking, and even though I was talking to my friend I was also talking to myself as well. Art is something I have done on my own since I was young. Innately and passionately. I realized the difference from when I was a child, to now is that I didn’t think about creating when I was young. I created because it was like breathing. It was an escape. A daydream. A dream. My reaction. As you get older I became more aware. Perhaps less nurturing and more oriented and attached but not in a healthy way. I want to tell stories, hide secrets, weave dreams and honor nature, discover science. Instead of feeling like a tight-rope walker scared of a misstep I have to return to the path I took as a child.
    Throw yourself to the wind and nurture and trust yourself. Having expectations is helpful but depending on them is a block. I am going to make an effort to practice everyday and accept the journey whether it is short or long, positive or bumpy. The path of growth is an unexpected, unknown and sometimes intimidating. If growth was easy, we wouldn’t learn from it. Growth is necessary and worth the journey, to practice and experiment and step outside what is comfortable, but staying true to your voice and nature is the balance I need to discover and work on.
Practicing/learning/forever cleaning my palette

petals unfurling

“I hid my heart in a nest of roses”

I have fallen a little ill. Winter chills I suppose. I have been layering on sweater after sweater, knee high socks and drinking ubiquitous amounts of tea to hinder the cold. Wrapped in blankets and ribbon braiding my hair as I sleepily watch Audrey Hepburn films on the television, falling asleep and waking up at the early hours of dawn to my mother’s brewing her coffee and the birds singing, they like to perch on our windowsill as if to wake us up and graciously give them some seeds.

Here is a little mood-board of a past beautiful life. Of old things, once beloved and meant to be re-loved again until they become dust in our hands and swept by the wind. I am waiting for the warmest bowl of porridge to cool so I may devour it like a bear. My father brought me pink roses and I want to press them so I can keep them forever, within a treasure chest. I do wish I could step into these images like Lucy and her siblings did in the wardrobe, leading them into Narnia. I wonder where these images would lead me to. Seldom do I not dream..