Sentimental Heart

I want to survive on pomegranate jewel seeds and nectar.
getting lost in books, dreams, incense smoke and shadows.

i can be found in a siren lagoon
wearing sea-shells in my hair and in my heart
Cardamon Rose Cupcakes (vegan and has edible rose petals. its quite perfumy like a fairy’s food) from Native Foods Cafe, a must if you live/visit Los Angeles. I have a love affair with their Lavender Lemonade. And putting flower pepper in my tea. 
Norse mythology, various sketchbooks, tea & incense smoke keep me company. Summer, you’re enjoyable but my heart belongs to autumnal skies. 

Night Swimming

Ocean air filling my lungs and caressing my face. I hid in the coves of the sea.
Water hypnotizes and soothes me like a lullaby. I focus on dissolving. Everything like a drop of water slipping through palms. Feelings of confusion arise of why I cannot wander in water perpetually & endlessly. Coexist as a sea-being. The ocean is so vast and mysterious. I’m not meant to be engulfed by the tides
I fell asleep on the rocks . A part of me wished (or dreams) the waves would have carried me away to a distant land, a distant discovery. Instead, I was only awakened by the sunlight ray’s fire dance on my skin.
Photos from my weekend at the sea