Autumn Necessities

Autumn is here, although here in Southern California the sunshine is still brightly beaming. I’m hoping that changes soon. Like tomorrow. Like now, please? Sigh.

Anyways! Autumn essentials are always necessary to get into that cooler-weather, falling leaves feelings so here are some things I recently bought to celebrate the season of Autumn


 1. Beeswax Candles from Green Leaf Candles

This is a lovely brand on Etsy that make eco-friendly candles. I bought these because I was on the hunt for affordable, natural beeswax candles. Normal candles made of parrafin is actually harmful to the air. Green Leaf Candles also makes soy, & palm candles.

 2. Hot Apple Cider Tea from The Republic of Tea. Apple cider is one of my favorite things, Tea is one of my most favorite things. Ever. Like near obsession maybe. So I got this tea to further enjoy in one of my favorite seasonal drinks, I love Republic of Tea’s products and they also have a season Pumpkin Spice Tea wich lucky for me came as a sample from their catalogues, and it was quite delightful! Not caffiene free though! I will definetely purchase it later in the Autumn season, But I did also get their Caramel Apple Red Tea

    3. Yarn from KnitPicks for knitting all Autumn to Winter know, when I am not terribly busy stressing over school work. And maybe finally tackling crochet! 

 4. Boots. I may or may not treat myself to these beautiful lace-up boots from American Eagle. I bought     myself some boots from them a few weeks ago but I really love a good lace-up boot. Even if I don’t exactly  live in the coldest of climate areas…
   5. Very Structured by Essie They make such great colors! I tend to go for a darker nail color but lately I’ve been feeling the burnt sienna colors, perfect for Autumn. 

6. Thigh High Socks, from Forever 21 I’m a sucker for a good sale, and I saw these long socks for under $5 so I picked up charcoal (featured) and cream. Beautiful and warm. These by HUE are also wonderful

7. Lip Protection when it does come to the cooler, colder months, my lips have the unfortunate habit of getting dry. So I picked up these lip balms by Desert Essence (each one is under $3) and really liked the way they left my lips, they are clear, one has Jojoba Oil and the other Tea Tree Oil (they have other varieties too) and what I liked about these is they do not have petroleum, pesticides or synthetic fragrances. I really enjoy these and they really moisturize your lips.


8. Moisturizer with SPF – Along with lip care, its smart to keep your skin healthy and moisturized too especially during the cooler climates, I enjoy this Aloe Soothing Moisturizer with SPF 15 from the Body Shop, it has sesame seed oil, oat extract and I use the Aloe line because its great for sensitive skin, which is me, everyday of my life But another great product is the Josie Maran Argan Oil

Heres an image of some of the stuff so far. Now if y’all will excuse me, I’m going to go finish my paper and have a Wonder Years marathon. Bye!

Sweet Like Cinnamon

Dreams have been easier to recall lately, perhap this is in part of the blue moon from a few days ago. Jasmine haired women who smell like their namesake flower. They came with fawn and walked by me as if i was a mere wildflower – a passing leaf. 

I need : October, books of poetry & Southern novels,  rain-fall of the  autumnal season, pumpkins &  falling leaves,  film-nights, to be enveloped in warm blankets while books become my sleeping companions. lighting candles as they light the way I miss the raindrops creating melodies upon my windowsill, my bittersweet music-box lullaby.

lately, via my instagram

& some work-in-progress artwork of some lovelies

Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers are beautiful. I like placing them inside of my books in randoms pages so then when I open them it is a sweet surprise. Finding flowers anywhere is lovely. If I could, I would have a garden.

*first four images are flickr sourced so click the links

pressed memories

wicked lovely

Pressed flower print of Hydrangeas

Pressed Flower.

From Winter to Spring..

Saying farewell to the days of Winter
Into the arms of Spring

Its the first day of Spring. Go pick some flowers, make a crown and wear them in your hair, dance with sunlight and pretend you are a honeybee and find some nectar to drink.