The only trip I had taken this year was back in January. The trip was a Christmas gift that took us to the Mojave Desert and Big Bear. As I write this four months later – a lot has happened. A pandemic took place leading us to practice physical distancing. Some of us are restricted from traveling. Social activities are not taking place. The truth is that people’s lives have been forever changed. We all anticipate for the day life goes back to normal. That is why I am sharing this trip, as a reminder to be grateful for all the simple things.

big bear California travel guide

We stayed at an Apple Valley cabin amidst Joshua trees. Sipped some rosé, we drove to the nearest shopping center for quick Italian food. We held each other close at night, not realizing how lucky we were to be able to travel freely.


Travel With Me: San Francisco Dreaming

Living in Los Angeles, you fully understand the trials of traffic, and San Francisco is no exception. Being a popular city to visit, I wasn’t too surprised at the number of bicyclists cruising down the winding streets. Parking isn’t very favorable but public transportation is nearly everywhere. The weather is favorable for strolling down the districts and discovering new neighborhoods. Which is precisely what we did on our 2 day stay in San Francisco. Here’s some of what we did. 

Mission District: 

The districts of San Francisco are diverse and full of character. We spent our nights in an eclectic AirBNB in Hunter’s Point that was a 15-minute drive into the Mission District. The neighborhood was pretty quaint with not too much traffic or tourists. We mostly walked around the district and admired a lot of the murals adorning the walls and buildings. 


DRINK: Sightglass Coffee for a local cup of joe, this is a sit-down café with plenty of coffee, tea and pastries. The design of the café is modern and sleek and almost asks you create conversation rather than linger with your laptop. The coffee was absolutely delicious and my first sip of what San Francisco had to offer, in terms of coffee

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