The Purpose of Plant Based Fare

A Wildflower Spirit will be a positive space for plant based nourishment. What is plant based? For me it means a edible whole foods lifestyle made up of wheat-free whole grains, seed, plant fats, fruit and vegetables.

I love nature and animals. I get excited about plants and the potential in their structure. I advocate promoting compassion and the caring for environment and the animal kingdom. I believe we can eat more plants and support our local farms and agriculture that adapt an organic and/or sustainable form of cultivating.

The recipes + fare posts you’ll find here will always be vegan & gluten free. But no matter who you are or how you choose to eat, if you find your way here I hope you know this is a friendly space for you to discover and become inspired by the variety of whole foods.

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Podcasts I listen + love Eat Planted / One Part Podcast / WANTcast /


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