What Is Healthy?

Lately there’s been a lot of discussion on what health is (or isn’t). Of course we all want to feel and look our best, yet with that comes a plethora of routes one can follow. Sometimes we become too preoccupied with what health is and not how it feels. Sometimes judgement rises because there is such a preoccupation with health and nutrition. But shaming others isn’t the answer. We should not define others nor deprive ourselves.

I believe food is a source of nourishment. It’s meant to supply us with energy, nutrients, and minerals. But it’s also a source of enjoyment. We should not fear food. Whether you spend nights preparing a delicious home cooked meal or going out to gather with friends and eat delicious cuisine, we shouldn’t stifle ourselves from the simple acts of celebration or feasting. Our perceptions of what “healthy” is should not dictate our actions to the point we constantly second-guess ourselves. Health is not just about food or how we look: its about how we feel and function as well.

Here at A Wildflower Spirit we come from a place of plant-based abundance. Captivated by the possibility of eating compassionately through whole foods to create, and re-create edible plates that give us sustenance. This includes embracing the enthusiasm comes from eating what you wish to eat, and not restricting ourselves from enjoying life. This means we should not become fixated with viewing certain foods as “clean” or “bad.” This means no matter who you are or how you choose to eat, you are welcome here wholeheartedly

Health should be about encouragement, not cliques. We should not criticize one another or believe we must fit a certain mold in order to achieve happiness. Happiness is developing community of sharing ideas and empowering ourselves to feel our best.

So this is a reminder to be compassionate with yourself. There is no such concept at perfect. What matters most is developing a nurturing relationship with yourself and accepting yourself. It’s listening to your body and recognizing when it feels optimal and not denying yourself when a desire for certain food + drink comes to mind. It’s a reminder that not everyone will share the shame viewpoint as you and that is okay. We are all on different journeys and simply trying to figure it out. Let’s just learn to love ourselves.